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    When did uniform skirts get so short??

    The Catechism says that modesty protects the intimate center of the person. Why show everything to everyone? the body is meant to be seen by one's spouse. If a girl in a bikini was walking on a street, wouldn't men have impure thoughts? Adam didn't have lustful thoughts looking at Eve, but they...
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    When did uniform skirts get so short??

    Adam and Eve were unfallen and could look at each other without lust. Today people are fallen. Being used to immodesty and desensitized doesn't make something modest. A Pope last century said that modesty should be based on the MOST virtuous culture, - one that is not desensitized to it, but one...
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    When did uniform skirts get so short??

    I personally think that long skirts are very pretty :) there are girls at my parish who wear long skirts and I always think they look nice. I don't really care what the fashion industry says.
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    Veiling in America

    I wear headcoverings in church. I've worn hats (berets) but my hair is long and you can still see most of it that way. I usually wear a mantilla or a scarf now. I've seen women cover their hair at my FSSP parish, at a more traditional church in the city (a basilica), and at the charismatic...
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    The New Norm: A Generation Raised on Porn

    I've read about this too in articles :( very sad... it starts out really bad and then gets more and more perverted. I agree that there's a desensitization in our culture. A few decades ago, if someone showed people kissing that was a big deal. Now, we're shown all these immoral things and no...
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    When did uniform skirts get so short??

    I don't think that hemlines are "arbitrary". That's just how I feel personally. I think there's a reason women always wore longer skirts until last century. Why did it only start last century? For most of history, women would never have worn something so short. People here might disagree, but...
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    Is it okay to do this?

    I agree. There is a seductive power to it. I almost got involved in wicca when I was younger and the only reason I didn't go fully through with it is because I got baptized and the interest went away after that. But I got interested in it before because of a tv show. I wouldn't read/watch...
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    Is it okay to do this?

    I really wouldn't... it can confuse a person, even if they aren't reading in order to practice it. We never know how it can affect us. If your fiancé is in RCIA, I'd recommend reading Catholic books to prepare him for the Sacraments :) If a person is reading about something that God has...
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    Modesty in our Churches?

    ^ that's nice :) To be honest, I don't even like modern clothing that much!
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    Modesty in our Churches?

    This is something I've been thinking about recently: modesty. I think that it's good to be modest to help our neighbour and to protect our dignity. Sometimes I do wonder what it's like to be a guy in our culture. Must be tough. Of course guys can be immodest too and cause women to be tempted...
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    A Look at Online Dating for Catholics: Benefits, but Also Risks

    I've been to different Catholic groups, of both types! There's also a young adult group at my parish, which is FSSP. But not every parish has this. The parish at my home town recently started a young adults group.
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    When did uniform skirts get so short??

    This is something that really makes me sad about modern fashions as well as schools. I really think that young people today need to be educated about modesty and given a good example by their parents - like by mothers.
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    Kind of an urgent question...

    I'm planning to ask! it came up last night and I had to make a last minute decision! I only found out about this feast yesterday. I ended up not working because I work "on call" and it's up to me to take the day's job or not.
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    My tradition

    I attend the Tridentine Latin Mass with the FSSP :) is there one near you? it's beautiful and solemn!
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    I'm officially Catholic

    So awesome! :) Congrats and welcome! :clap::wave: