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    OOC: Animal Wars: The Prodigal! (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME) (2)

    I miss everyone as well!!! Ahhhg!!! :( And on that note, HEY! I hope y'all are doing good. I'm having a lot of fun even though my poor internet life is just about dead. But I can solfege down the scale now! ^_^ Yeah. That is... yeah. :D :wave:
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    OOC: Animal Wars: The Prodigal! (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME) (2)

    It's my subliminal brainwashing. ;) But don't let the cat out of the bag! Should we hold a quick eulogy? :D But you know... fire, I will probably be really bad at replying, but would you mind a random PM? It's so weird, thinking how far back ago it was when I joined... seriously, I'm getting to...
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    OOC: Animal Wars: The Prodigal! (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME) (2)

    As I said... I'll probably still hang around, but beyond that is no promises. I mean, of course I have a few minutes to check every now and then, but most of the time I feel obligated the moment I get on because I have a tidy little mountain of unreplied things lurking around.... >_> I'm pretty...
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    OOC: Animal Wars: The Prodigal! (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME) (2)

    Oh, well, it's not like I bound you to an oath of secrecy or anything. :) My heart would be happiest with Joy taking my characters... but I know it'd be a big pain (for anyone!) so if they just have to mysteriously vanish, that's fine. Whatever can be done with them is okay with me. (Unless it...
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    OOC: Animal Wars: The Prodigal! (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME) (2)

    Eeek!! You weren't supposed to advertise that!!! ...But since you have, I may as well explain it to our poor friends. XD My life lately... has been a very chaotic mess, which includes lots of flute playing, two bouts of being poisoned, chores, and strange people. ^_^ I wasn't planning on...
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    OOC: Ember's Wake (SIGN UP NOW!) (2)

    :| If the management thinks THIS is an improvement... they have WAAAAYYYY too much free time. Have you seen the bank situation?! "Amount must be between 100 and 1,000 Blessings, and may be moderated. Minimum payments of 10.0% need to be paid back every 30 days to avoid late fees. Interest on...
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    Is Manga Christian?

    Manga is not Christian. There are clean mangas, moral mangas, okay for all ages manga, but Japanese manga is not Christian (advocating God/Jesus/the Bible). You have to realize that their main religion is ancestor worship and tradition... very little of the Japanese population is Christian...
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    Why did I not grow?

    Yeah--you'll never have to worry about being taller than your boyfriend! ;) ....even though you'll have to look up to everyone, whether you like it or not! :P (which is annoying, but you can't exactly force your body up into the air!)
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    Why did I not grow?

    It's your genes. I am in the exact same position as you are--and I'm even older than you are! XD I'm 5'2", and have been for a LONGGGG time... and thanks to being Asian, I not only am as tall as a 12 year old, I look like one in facial features. ;) Anyone over the age of 14 typically is taller...
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    Last One Standing

    ((You scheming Locket-o you. ;) HE ISN'T SCRAWNY!! :cry: My Owen is buff and macho!! He's rugged!!!! :P)) Owen blinked his eyes several times. He rubbed them. No... way. The odds of meeting two people after not having met one in three years were astronomical. Involuntarily, he began slowly...
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    Last One Standing

    ((OWEN IS NOT SCRAWNY. :D And yes, I fail at life. ;_; Not sure what to do but here I go.)) Owen had contemplated simply taking off but after considering his situation for about a minute, he changed his mind. Before he could read into anything any more, he collapsed onto the sofa and slept...
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    Random Thread of Randomness! (31)

    Tadai-maaa! :D
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    Group Effort; Something by Joy Everlasting and Jelly Bean

    ((Mister Empress :D:D:D)) "He... he is?" The Empress sputtered, glancing at Spike. "What are you talking about? He looks fine! What's wrong with him? Who are you? I demand an answer!" He barked, although he looked slightly worried, as well. He shot a look at his new companion Lemon, who simply...
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    Sugar Appreciation Club

    Well I don't appreciate your.... your.... um... your HEIGHT! So there! Oh, and btw... CF WORKS!!! HALLELUJAH!!! ^_^
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    Spirit's Song OOC

    I was going to, but you seemed like a busy fruit. And then I forgot, being the super genius I am. :doh: I'm sorry Lessien! :(