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Dec 10, 2006
Mar 19, 2006
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Ohio! WOOT!
Ummm, I'm 15.....:P


Fighting the good fight for the Lord!, from Ohio! WOOT!

I_Heart_Jesus777 was last seen:
Dec 10, 2006
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    Region or City:
    Ohio! WOOT!
    Ummm, I'm 15.....:P
    Marital Status:
    Name: Brian Brady
    Gender: Male
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue-green, with a hint of brown around the pupil
    Height:5'8" i think
    Shoe Size: Ummmm, why do you want to know?
    Favorite Food: Bacon
    Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew or Yoohoo
    Favorite Show: I don't watch TV
    Favorite Movies: The Grinch, Kung Pow, Monty Python's the Holy Grail, Passion of the Christ
    Favorite Sport: Hockey (Best sport eh?)
    Cats or Dogs?: Cats
    Favorite Subject: Spanish
    Favorite Band: I don't favor bands, just songs, and my favorite song changes everyday lol. Right now its Facedown by Matt Redman.

    Family, youth group, video games, and ping pong!


    "The Son of God suffered unto the death, not that men might not suffer, but that their sufferings might be like His." George McDonald

    "It is immortals whom we joke with, marry, snub, and exploit." C.S.Lewis

    "To return evil for good is the devil's way, to return good for good is man's way, and to return good for evil is God's way." Unknown

    "How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerers have been; how gloriously different the saints." C.S.Lewis

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