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hedrick's Recent Activity

  1. hedrick replied to the thread Common Occurrences written in the bible that didn't happen..

    I think pretty much everybody understands that they didn't have cell phones to record speeches. Ancient writers tried to reproduce the...

    Jul 23, 2021 at 6:34 PM
  2. hedrick replied to the thread Judge Strikes Down Missouri Medicaid Expansion Passed by Voters.

    Generally constitutional amendments supersede other legal requirement. I’m a bit surprised any court would consider the constitution...

    Jul 23, 2021 at 4:33 PM
  3. hedrick replied to the thread After 125 get COVID at student ministry camp, TX megachurch families suffer second wave of infection.

    Unfortunately variants aren’t just created in the US. We need to vaccinate the world.

    Jul 22, 2021 at 10:09 PM
  4. hedrick replied to the thread Gov. DeSantis, stop messing in Texas and save Florida from COVID.

    Deaths lag cases by several weeks. Hospitalizations are increasing, but moderately. In the current situation things tend to be hot in...

    Jul 22, 2021 at 9:19 PM
  5. hedrick replied to the thread By 2021, the Episcopal Church will enter full communion with the United Methodist Church.

    All the mainline denominations have a mix of perspectives. As far as I can tell there’s no real difference between the UMC and other...

    Jul 20, 2021 at 8:38 PM
  6. hedrick replied to the thread Does God care about which denomination or church you belong to?.

    Not per se. But there are major differences in teaching and practice among at least different families of denominations (and non...

    Jul 20, 2021 at 5:59 PM
  7. hedrick replied to the thread China Threatens to Nuke Japan.

    The thread title doesn’t include the context. It’s not just Japan. It is indicating the intention to take over Taiwan by force. The only...

    Jul 20, 2021 at 7:33 AM