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Mar 16, 2008
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own a few different businesses


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    own a few different businesses
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    I spoken from the pulpit, lead the congregation in prayers, Worked with the youth ministry, outreach missions into our inner city youth, fed the homeless, Started and maintained very successful singles program for several years, Read, honored, rejoiced, lamented, prayed my way through most of it...
    I stayed busy and when I was with those I served with, it was good, but alone. I felt really unfull filled. Like I needed to be doing something that really had true noticeable impact on someone's life..
    so I offered Myself to this Idea and asked God to bless it. He most certainly filled my request.. On the outside to my church I am merely a husk of who I once was.. but on the inside I've grown in spirit and in truth. Although i no longer meet the requirements of my "religious" peers I know I'm far better off spiritually.
    Partly because all of the Items I bragged about in the beginning of this bio, they were nothing more than my outward showing of MY inward vanity.

    tinkering with old truck/old mustang, and xbox1 games


    Church was never ment to be safe. Or comfortable. Or predictable. God isn't any of those things. Church is supposed to arrest our pride. Church is meant to crush our selfishness. Church was created to carry our heartache and comfort our affliction. Church is where we find community, express compassion and engage in mission. But Church without God does none of that...
    ...When Church stops being about us, it can be about God again!

    -James Macdonald
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