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Christopher M Pruitt
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Nov 11, 2018
Apr 6, 2018
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Jul 15, 1988 (Age: 32)
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Christopher M Pruitt

New Member, Male, 32, from Atlanta

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Nov 11, 2018
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    Jul 15, 1988 (Age: 32)
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    United States
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    I don't get angry with people. I also no longer lie. I have things that tempt me, of course, but I am not tempted to lie anymore. I also never ignore people. If you were to send me a message and I don't reply, there's a reason, such as me sleeping too long, or forgetting (illnesses I have). Even if you somehow angered me, I would not want to have you wondering if I was ignoring you, so I'd say "right now I'm upset with you, please allow me to cool down before we talk again, I'm sorry." I know how bad it feels to wonder if you upset someone because they won't reply.
    So if you send me a message and a few days go by without me replying, just send one more, reminding me. A good thing to do is to send it via a different method (like if you sent it from this site, you could remind me via email or something). Also, I'll let you have my number if you like. There is a site you can send text messages from without revealing your own number if you want to do that. That way you could text me without me knowing your number, if that worries you. I do my best to make people feel comfortable and I never fake feelings or things.

    I love making friends. I can't go out places, so making friends in person isn't possible, but online I can. I enjoy talking about anything, regardless of what it is (excluding sinful things that Christians shouldn't casually enjoy speaking of). I may be a Christian and spread His Word, but I also like to talk about other things too. I never finished school due to an attention problem, but I know many different things. I only learn whatever I find interesting.

    I won't share anything someone tells me unless they say it is okay to do so. I never put people down or insult them, for that is not Christ-like.

    If you want to talk to me, you can use my email address, this site, my phone number (if you ask, I'll share it), Skype, WhatsApp, etc. and don't worry about waking me up. I have everything set so that only my parents can actually cause sound to occur when contacting me if asleep.

    I say the following not for sympathy, just for explanation. My body is damaged and my mind has problems remembering things. I have to take extreme painkillers like Fentanyl. I'm currently unable to leave the house. Despite all the things going on with me, I thank God for the trials and for the nice things as well. We should always learn from trials. My days are spent spreading His WORD now since I can no longer go places and such. I thank Him for that, since it has helped me mature spiritually.
    Some problems are as follows (there are more, and as I said, I don't ask for pity, nor do I feel anger towards God):
    • Spinal cord injuries that often lead to me being paralyzed if I move too much. This paralysis can last for a few minutes to days. My parents are morbidly obese and cannot carry me. So I have to be careful. There are warning signs I must heed. If I'm standing or using my back at all and feel like someone reached in and grabbed the cord, then started squeezing, I must stop what I'm doing and lay down no matter where I am, since even walking or crawling to my room to lay down could be too much for my back. The paralysis affects my lower body. There have been times where I sneezed and the muscles in my back contracted, causing paralysis, which made me fall directly on my face without stopping myself with my arms since it was so sudden. My legs would just come out from under me and I would not be able to feel them.
    • Legs, feet, hips. All of the joints can often feel as though there is no cartilage there. They can give out easily in a split second. So I have canes, crutches, and a walker. I need a wheelchair, and could get one through disability, but my current home has a hall too skinny to use one. The knees and ankles are the worst. I never injured them, but my daddy had problems with them as well. In fact, many of the health problems I go through are the same as what my daddy went through.
    • Sleep problems. Insomnia, as well as the opposite. Either I sleep too much or not at all (literally for days, usually 3, but have gone a week before). I use a certain extremely strong muscle relaxer to knock myself out. My day night cycle has long since disappeared. This means that I sleep randomly. On one day I may sleep from 5pm to 2am, then the next day I may sleep from 2pm to 8pm, and the next, I may not sleep at all, only for the next day to be from 1pm to 5pm the next day, so over a day. Due to this, you might not get a reply from me right away, but I do NOT ignore anyone.
    • Teeth. Until I was 19, my teeth were perfectly fine. They were strong, no cavities, and such. Now, just like my daddy went through, simply eating even soft things can cause a chunk of one to split off. I have currently lost over half my teeth simply due to eating, brushing (lightly), or just randomly having one break apart like a pickaxe hit it while I'm not even using them. So just like my daddy, all of my teeth are falling apart in my 20s. By the time he was 35, he had none. I plan to have the remaining removed and get dentures. The good thing is they don't hurt, despite some of them literally being split down the middle. Also, when I go to the dentist and they use the drill and other things, I feel 100% of the pain no matter how much they numb me up. Same happened with daddy, he could not be numbed up. So if I have only one tooth to be worked on, I'll just endure the pain, often screaming inaudibly (since the drill keeps it from being heard) and grasping the chair hard. If it's more than one tooth, I simply ask to be knocked out. Fortunately, that does work.
    • Right shoulder was destroyed in the past (ligaments, tendons, and normal muscle were torn, as well as the collar bone broken, and having my arm pulled from the socket, but never recovering fully). So I can't use my arm for a long time above a certain level.
    • Memory issues. Look up Aphasia, for one thing. There is also the instant loss of train of thought, which may never come back, or may take days. That happens so often that I cannot be interrupted or have anyone speak before me, or I will lose my thoughts. So I write them down or record them the second I have them, praying I won't forget before I can bring up the recording app or get a pen and paper. This affects conversations badly, leaving me to seem like my grandpa who had alzheimer's. However, when typing, I can see my previous writing and usually realize what I was thinking, so it's not exactly alzheimer's level.
    • Sight issues. I cannot read the first line of an eye chart even with glasses. So I was made legally blind. I can see about 3 inches in front of my eyes until everything becomes big blobs of color. As a result, my ears have become very developed, to the point where I can easily tell who someone is no matter where they are in the house simply by the amount of air that is displaced by their body when moving, their walking (even if silent), and their breathing, even if no voice is put into it.
    • Hearing. Like mentioned before, my hearing has increased dramatically, but there is a problem. See, I hear TOO well. I hear every word my neighbors say even when they speak rather quietly. I can't sleep without knockout pills AND ear plugs unless blessed with a miracle that night. Essentially, if there is any noise going on, it gets to me, and this includes noise that others cannot hear. For example, I found out, because of my hearing, that many TVs do not actually become silent when you hit mute. I could still hear the speaking afterwards. People breathing, my heartbeat, and one of the worst things... electronics. For every device that is active, I hear a high pitched sound. I've asked many others if they could hear it and they couldn't. I also have constant ringing.
    • Sun exposure. My skin is as white as paper despite being native American. I have a condition that prevents tanning, color in the skin, and such. It's like being albino but still having hair and eye color. So what happens when sun light touches me is I begin to burn immediately. Within a few minutes I have sunburn. I immediately feel like I'm very close to a stove burner. I also have no ability to see when sun light hits my eyes.
    • Migraine. For those who don't know, migraines and headaches are FAR from the same. When I get a migraine, I cannot move. I have to have cold packs brought to me and curl up in a dark room with earplugs in. Sometimes the extreme pain makes me pass out. If the sun touches my eyes, even if they are shut, it will initiate a migraine, so I don't open my eyes when on the way to the doctor. The migraines can cause me to throw up, distort my sight with the migraine aura (look that up on youtube), and plenty more. If I get a migraine, I can't do anything for a day or so.
    • Seizures. I get grand mal seizures at times. I'm on a medication that helps prevent them, but doesn't always. I usually feel a warning sign just before it happens, about 15 seconds in advance. This sign, well, I'll explain how it happened one of the times I had a seizure. I was sitting down in a chair at night, then I felt like something terrible was reaching through the wall to grab me, with claws and sharp teeth. I felt a feeling of dread, so terrible I can't explain it. I jumped up despite my leg damage and ran to the room where my parents were. I tried to tell them what happened and realized my mouth wasn't speaking. My brain's speech center must have been affected. I fell down and my sight blurred and darted around until I lost consciousness. My parents explained afterwards (while I was extremely worn out, muscles burning like I'd just done the WORST workout ever) that I'd begun to seize, shaking quickly, then contorting into different positions that were not natural. This will happen 100 percent of the time if I don't take the anti-seizure medication after 2-3 days. Due to my memory being terrible, I forget, so my mother handles my pills.


    You've never gone too far to repent and accept Christ. You have until the very day you die to accept Him. I'd recommend doing it as soon as possible, for no one knows when they will pass on.
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