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Nov 5, 2021
Apr 14, 2018
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Apr 5, 1990 (Age: 31)
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New Philadelphia


Member, Male, 31, from New Philadelphia

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Nov 5, 2021
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    Apr 5, 1990 (Age: 31)
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    New Philadelphia
    United States
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    Well, enough about that. Time to talk about me!

    I am pretty much the cover boy for atypical behavior and a living oxymoron. I love God, but I don't get along well with people who claim to love God when they're really just following hate and legalism. I am a strong believer that God is a lot more fun and free than we think of him, but I also still have strong moral convictions. I tend to be too liberal for conservatives, and too conservative for liberals. I think outside the box, and encourage other people to do so. I am a rebel, just like Jesus and all who follow him, so don't be surprised when I act royally rebellious.

    I also am a very sensitive person. I hate conflict, and try and promote kindness and understanding in all ways. (Hey, just because I'm a rebel doesn't mean I'm a jerk. Love and kindness is one of the best ways to rebel, because nobody can fault you for it.) I try and understand all walks of life, and tolerate them even if I don't agree with them. But I don't get along well with haters, no matter who or what they are, so if you disagree with me, (and you will,) please understand that I am very sensitive, and that I only seek to do the right thing and be kind and understanding, so please extend that kindness to me.

    On a more fun note, I am a very peculiar person. I am a 28-year-old dude at the time I write this, but I like a lot of stuff that isn't exactly for guys my age. I am a brony, which means I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (The new My Little Pony. The old stuff is a terror we do not name.) I also like Monster High (the classic, not the reboot), and Ever After High. (Yes, I am aware they are made for girls, but they're funny, and I like leading girl characters who aren't just eye candy or made to fill the "girl character" spot.)
    I also like classic fairytales, steampunk, fantasy books and video games, Danny Phantom (Does anybody else remember that?), and a number of kid's shows, because the world is a dark and terrible place, and I don't like nasty stuff like violence and suggestive stuff. (I don't judge anybody who watches that stuff. At least, I try not to.)
    I also like The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, but then, that sort of goes without saying.

    Also, I am probably the only single straight guy who enjoys shopping, clothes, and artsy stuff. I am an aspiring fantasy writer, but I also like to paint or do anything artsy.

    Eh, I'm a complicated person of many tastes. I can't possibly describe myself in a tiny post like this, but this ought to give you a basic overview. I guarantee that, if you like to follow rules instead of God, you won't like me. But if you like having fun, and want to see just how fun God is, talk to me.

    Except I'm terribly shy. So please don't be insulted if I'm a bit aloof.

    Charm you later!
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