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  1. D.A. Wright
    @Greg Merrill Sorry, but most atheists are learning to willingly conflate atheism with agnosticism, and declare that it is, in fact, what they do not know, or what they have been presented with...
  2. Greg Merrill
    The atheist says there is no God. Ask them "If all the knowledge mankind has ever known was depicted by the interior of a circle, what portion of that circle could they shade in to represent what...
  3. Bible Highlighter
  4. ~Anastasia~
    @Gracia Singh - on no, not me. I guess it's probably something I found online. Thanks for the compliment. I like to dabble but I don't paint that well ... I'm better in other mediums.
  5. Gracia Singh
    I thought you painted it! It's cute!

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