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Daniel Quartararo

Star of Bethlehem Scientifically Confirms Biblical Events - YouTube

This video contains controversial subject matter and it is being shared for educational purposes only. Please educate yourself so that you can make informed ...

Daniel Quartararo, Feb 9, 2017
    • Dag Kihlman
      The video is interesting to see, however, it has some faults. The biggest mistake is that Larsen, the man behind the theory, assumes that the magi looked at things in the same way as he does. We actually have the manual for divination used in Babylonia. Both the signs Larsen refers to means that the king of Mesopotamia will die and the dynasty change. So, the signs would not tell them that a king had been born. That is just wishful thinking.

      However, the sign when Venus comes close to Jupiter is actually a series of omens going from bad to worse the closer the planets come. The first bad thing is a flooding, just as the woman in Revelation 12 is targeted by a flooding. Next, there will be a reign of destruction concerning the King of Amurru and lastly the present king will die and the dynasty change.

      The interesting thing is that Herod at that time was the most important king in the area the magi called Amurru (Syria, down to Israel and Jordan). Since Mesopotamia was occupied by the Parthians, the new king could be seen as a liberator. Thus it is not far fetched to assume that they went to Jerusalem in order to meet the new Alexander the Great, who like Alexander would overthrow the occupants from present Iran. The manual actually suggests that a soldier shall be sent to the enemy asking for peace! And what do you think Jupiter standing still in the morning means according to the divination manual. It means "Kings will be reconciled" and that is the same as kings will make peace since reconciliation and peace making is the same word in their language.

      The divination manual could also shed some light on why they considered a birth, what Revelation means with the woman's hiding place and why the seven headed dragon is red and crowned. I develop this more at www.starofbethlehem.com

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