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Bible Highlighter

Revelation 2.10

Revelation 2.10
Bible Highlighter, Mar 26, 2019
    • Greg Merrill
      Often people get the concept from pictures like this, and just the word "crown" itself that physical crowns will be given. The Bible doesn't say these crowns are of gold or any other material. For example it says "crown of life" not gold. "Crown of glory", not crown made of any physical material necessarily.
    • Bible Highlighter
      Revelation 4:10 says that the 24 elders cast their crowns down before Jesus.
      I am inclined to believe based on this context that they are real crowns. The chapter breaks were added later. So Revelation 2 and Revelation 4 are connected together in context.
    • Greg Merrill
      Those crowns that are cast may be material, but some of the other crowns mentioned may be not.
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