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Greg Merrill

Psa 19:6 diagramed

This is a diagram showing the "end", "ends", and "circuit" spoken of in Psalms 19:6.

Psa 19:6 diagramed
Greg Merrill, Nov 25, 2019
    • Josheb
      You do understand God condemned the practice of astrology and those who looked to the sun, moon, and stars, and that which is created rather than the Creator, yes? In other words, the term "Biblical Zodiac" is self-contradictory. This picture has nothing to do with Psalm 19
    • Greg Merrill
      I understand that God is against astrology, putting the focus on man, but God made the stars, named the stars with names that tell a message, and put the stars in a particular order to present the various aspects of the ministry of Christ in the battle between God and Satan for the souls of people. But if you don't know anything about this I can see how you would not see the correlation to Psa 19. I don't look to the stars for the stars sake, but to the message of the meanings of their names which are all about their Creator. See Isa 40:26 in this light. This is an interesting study with ANCIENT believers/followers of God in mind, as well as for us that have the much more detailed Word of God/Bible which has over 200 verses that correlate with the star name meanings. If you don't believe it, fine. I wish you well.
    • Josheb
      Yes, but it has nothing to do with the Zodiac, especially not the pagan zodiac represented in this graphic. I recommend you Google "Judaic zodiac" and do some thoughtful research because you'll find 1) the Jewish calendar does not run on a monthly basis but a lunar basis 2) the names assigned were not the same as of the Greek, Roman, and other surrounding paganisms and therefore have much different meaning that 3) renders this graphic seriously flawed. You're gonna have to do some research here because the first Google search results will most likely produce the pagan zodiac with Hebrew names, and the next mistake will show the Kabballah zodiac. Then you are likely to find medieval results because ancient Hebrew Semitic results are not of much interest to the modern pagan world; their anthropology/sociological endeavors presuppositionally seek to undermine, not understand, scripture.

      Take, for example, the month Adar. In the Jewish calendar it is the twelfth "month" of the year, not the third. The word means "strength," not fishes (pisces). Each month s associated with one of the twelve tribes and the image is the face of a man, not fishes. Connotatively it means "strong blessing," and is the month of Purim, the month of blessing (in which the plans of Haman and the travail of the Jews were reversed) and the only month repeated in the Jewish calendar. The Hebrews did not have a half-fish/half goat symbol in their iconography; and their year did not start with a two-faced God. The month associated with the tribe Judah had the symbol of a lion and the city bearing its figure was that of Jeru Salem (the city of peace). Simeon's symbol was a fortress but it did not mean strength per se; it meant "gathering," and the city bearing its symbol was Shecham. Issachar was either a horse/donkey (the beast of burden) or the sun and the moon (they were the keeps of times), Ephraim the ox, Dan the eagle.*

      Look it up.

      Do this with all the months if you are truly interested in how the gospel is asserted by God in the stars. Or you could just take scripture as written and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior without the witness of the stars because you have the only witness you will ever need: the indwelling Holy Spirit.

      If you go preaching to pagans about the zodiac and they investigate the Hebrew calendar and the associated symbols there's a real possibility they'll discover the message you're propagating is incorrect and you won't be bearing a good witness; you'll look foolish.

      *I wrote this from memory. It's been a long time since I had any interest in this matter so I might have some of it incorrect but if you do the work you'll find this graphic is incorrect. In the interim I'll try to track down some more accurate references.
    • Greg Merrill
      You seem to be focusing way more on the graphic then I intended. My point was an understanding of the words "end" and "ends" in Ps 19:6 and was just using this graphic (though technically not the best) to show a begining and starting point for the "circuit" Ps 19:6 speaks of. Most people will not see what you have seen in this graphic. I commend you for your knowledge of zodiac graphics, and thank you for sharing. The term "zodiac" doesn't always relate to astrology. Mazzaroth is the Biblical term in Job 38:32.
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