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Aaron Graham

New Single Cry Out by Aaron Graham

Aaron is a singer song writer and Worship Leader from Northern Ireland

Aaron Graham, May 7, 2017
    • Greg Merrill
      I find so much of this kind of music as self-centered. The words "Me" "myself" and "I" are so prevalent in them. When I first looked at the picture, and saw the words "Can you hear me?" I thought "The sunlight represents God, and He is crying out to the darkened world (represented by the trees) "Can you hear me." It reminds me of when God cried out to the hiding Adam..."Where are you?" Genesis 3:9. When I began listening to the song... I was disappointed. Just another of many, many songs where someone is so focused on themselves as they are trying to focus on God. I know. There is a place for these kind of songs, and they minister to hurting people. I would just like to hear more songs from God's perspective rather than from the perspective of spiritually hurting (often empty), needy people.
      I know most people will not relate to me, but to them, but that may be because most people are not finding great satisfaction in God when they are desiring these kind of songs. Humbly grateful for the satisfaction that God has given me. He has bless us so much, and without Him we are nothing to speak of. John 7:18 Matthew 6:2,5. Philemon 6
    • Aaron Graham
      @Greg Merrill
      Greg I want to share with you what the song is about, I can also share with you that I have more songs in the pipeline that are very Christ Centred in fact so Christ Centred most Christian radio stations wont play.
      By the way the album will be called
      Not About Us

      The Story Behind The song
      Cry Out
      This may be interesting for some and boring for others, but I just want to share why I wrote the song and what is about. The song was written while I was watching the events that took place of Christians being persecuted and being executed for their faith. I thought of how the psalmist writes like in Psalm 55 v1 Hear me, O God.
      Tune Your ear to my plea,
      and do not turn Your face from my prayer
      The song is a prayer to God in desperation for to move by his spirit upon the people of God and upon those who are facing persecution and hardship . We all need God to touch us and be open to what he wants to do in our lives and the lives of his people. The Cry out from my heart is to see God move and to see those who are being persecuted to be set free.
      We need the power of God more than ever to come and change each one of us.
      That is why “I Cry Out Freedom for your people”
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    Aaron Graham Worship Leader
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    Aaron Graham
    May 7, 2017
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