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Jewish Race?

Jewish Race?
parousia70, Jun 28, 2017
    • Greg Merrill
      "Jew" has to do with religion.
      "Israelite" has to do with country.
      "Hebrew" has to do with lineage.
    • parousia70
      @Greg Merrill
      I guess That makes some sense.

      Today anyway, One could be an Israelite and not be a Jew or a Hebrew.

      Likewise, One today could be a Jew and not be an Israelite or a Hebrew.

      But who today is a genetic Hebrew?

    • Greg Merrill
      "Yes" on both your first two statements.
      Regarding your question, I would be surprised if you don't have people here that respond that they are Hebrews.
    • parousia70
      @Greg Merrill
      Of that I have no doubt, for Anybody can claim anything.
      But as far as I can tell, they would be claimants without any evidence.
    • FinishedCross
      Jews are a type of 'genetic/DNA lineage' if that makes sense. Race is more 'outward and superficial'. Its something more deeper and hidden passed dowm. We know this for sure due to the high rate of genetic disorders they are susceptible to. This is why most get testing. Many do it before marriage these days to ensure their children wont be at risk. For more info on this see: jewishgeneticdiseases.org

      So we know for certain there is SOMETHING that is outside of DNA racial lineage that is passed down genetically. Regardless, it is of a real bloodline being passed dowm.

      Factually, what it means to be Jewish is defined by the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel. Everything else is an opinion and not standard. Much of the stuff online doesnt fully tell the truth about being Jewish for some reason.

      Here is the truth of the matter on whether you are Jewish or not according the Rabbinate of Israel and what you will need to give paper evidence for with a Rabbi acting as your witness to verify the following:

      -You have a biological Jewish mother (see note)
      -You have a Jewish grandmother (on mothers side)
      -You have a Jewish great-grandmother (on mothers side)

      Religion does NOT matter as many Jewish women marry Muslims abroad (Morocco etc) and raise the family in secular Islam, speaking Arabic, but want to move back to Israel. The Rabbinate consider her children Jewish which again demonstrates something passed dowm - not religion:

      "It does not matter if the matrilineal descendant of intermarriage was raised as a non-Jewish secular or in another faith-based culture. Only that person’s bloodline counts."

      note: If you have a mother who is a convert, she will have a permanent 'convert' status like all converts - only her children can be considered fully Jewish without the convert status. *Only* an Orthodox conversion is considered a valid 'convert' status for the mother. However, she will need *much* stronger evidence and endorsements by the Rabbi's to validate she is an Orthodox Jewish 'convert'.

      It goes without saying though, If she is a biologically Jewish mother, then things like her religion, who she's married to etc. does not matter at all as nothing can break the bond of her being Jewish because she is of a 'higher tier' according the highest Rabbinate on earth. She is not the tier of 'convert', she is a Jew.

      This again proves that being fully Jewish is genetic - religion or race is not a determining factor because the 'living genetics' which are passed down, is the religion in itself. as both the Vatican and Rabbinical Assembly state. There's no real disagreements on either side (of these highest bodily authorities on earth).
    • parousia70

      So you're saying modern day Jewishness has nothing to do with Moses, the Law or the Old Testament but instead is wholly predicated on modern, post Christian, Talmudic Rabbinical fiat?
    • FinishedCross
      Yes. Faith/Religion has nothing to do with it. You can be an Athesit, but as long as your born from a biologicaly Jewish mother, The highest Rabbinical Assembly in the world consider you to be Jewish.

      Actually, many Jews really take to Buddism and some Hinduism. Thats how Easternism came to popularity in the 60's. They have their own make-shift Temples (complete with real idols - im talking statues with human ashes and 'souls' directly in them) in Israel which you might think should be against all sorts of rules.

      But the Rabbi's dont mind at all. They are considered Jewish regardless of religion. So for the first time, Idols worshipped again in Israel (which should not suprise anyone if they are familiar with the OT). And these are real ones by the real definition of what an idol is.

      Actually, they want to build a real hindu Temple but supposedly it will be subject to taxes. How dare they tax it! But hey, if the gov't can PROFIT off the taxes of strange gods, then maybe this will be a good reason to tax christian churches and our 'strange gods' also.

      Here's a proof:



      Just remember we can't serve TWO masters. Our master expects ALL of our loyalty - the other master only desires PARTIAL because he knows thats all that is required. He already has his OWN children that have his full loyality (Jn 8:41a, Jn 8:44, Mat 13:38). He prefers you stay OUTSIDE his Kingdom and spread bad levin among your own.

      You have to question who you are morally and/or financially supporting. Are they really your brethren? Or are they really working against you and fellow Christians?

      Have you been lied to by others your whole life on TV and radio by people painting an 'IMAGE' of Christian mission that never existed? One that and traditionally has nothing to do with our Faith whatsoever and is not shared by 90% of Christians worldwide. Something that seems like a majority view, simply because its the majority view in big TV/Radio English language media? Could it all be a lie and not part of Christianity? Something so big? Something that could fool even the elect if it were possible?
    • parousia70
      @FinishedCross So you are saying Today's Jews have no relationship to the pre desolation Hebrews? Not religiously, not politically and not genetically?

      I mean, they don't follow Moses, they do not keep the Law and they do not have Hebrew bloodlines.

      Today's Jews seem to be a creation of themselves. No?
    • effalo
      Jewish people are simply the lineage of Abraham per Genesis 22:17. As for race, there's only one race, the human race. Skin color is determined only by the amount of a pigment called melanin.

      The multitude of cultures of which Jews are among is the consequences of the dispersal of the Jewish people per prophecy.

      The Jews are returning to Israel per prophecy. The Jewish people are a blessed people because of God's blessing Abraham.

      Arab people are also descendants of Abraham through a handmaid Hagar instead of his wife Sarah.

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