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Michelangelo Goeloe

Bible Quiz About The Bible

Effective and Creative Bible Teaching for children, youth, teens and leadership training. It is for everyone!

Michelangelo Goeloe, Nov 23, 2016
    • Philip_B
      Whilst I did get 10, I also recognise that some of the questions are based on the accepted canon of the Churches of the Continental Reformation Tradition, and some parts of the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Catholic Traditions may well have different answers to your questions, and indeed answers that you may not have even considered. In a wider context perhaps a little more thought could be given to this.
    • Michelangelo Goeloe
      @Philip_B you refer to two questions, I know. Viewing from a protestant standpoint I am right. Maybe another Quiz about the difference of....

      Thanks for your comment and watching the Video.
    • Philip_B
      Question 1,2, 4, 5, and 10 have potentially different answers in different Christian Traditions. I am quite well aware that you have written from a position within the Christian Church, and that within that tradition you answers are correct. I feel we are not well served by highlighting our differences but rather by finding how we can walk together in humility and faith.
    • Michelangelo Goeloe
      @Philip_B I think you already know my position on this one. It could be a long discussion only on the God inspired 'scriptures'. In my opinion it is not bad at all to highlight the differences, simply because you can exclude a lot of false things out there. The thing that brings us together is not a religion, the practice or knowledge of it. It is simply active (living) faith EXCLUSIVELY in Jesus Christ. And that is not seen and teached in a lot of many so-called 'Christian' groups/churches/organisations. We have to take a stand in everything. John Macarthur ones said: 'Do we really have a common ground of fellowship or are we just trying to stir up ecumenicalism?'
    • A_Thinker
      Speaking as a Protestant, ... this quiz obviously reflects a Protestant perspective. I don't think that the point was highlighting differences. These are exactly the types of questions (and answers) we regularly are tutored on in Protestantism.

      I think that it would be interesting to know what the correct answers would be from other Christian perspectives. I believe that I know that Catholics have an additional (7) books in their Old Testament, making their total 73 books, with 46 books in the Old Testament.
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    Nov 23, 2016
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