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  1. Crowned Princess
    He might have needed a listening ear, to cast off his burdens and cares. This reminds me of Jesus Christ, and that we are meant to go to Him with this! Though God can use us to reach out to others with a Christlike mind and way of being.
  2. DennisTate
    So true! In my sixty years I have had so many shockingly powerful answers to prayer that I am still in a state of awe over the implications of what has been done for everybody in my family and for so many of our friends and neighbours!
  3. timothyu
    Very nice to see someone who understands we are to sow seeds, not determine how they shall grow. All to often those latter seeds end up in the image of another being rather than of God.
  4. GraceBro
    Thank God my salvation is secure and not dependent on my ability to try and maintain or obtain that which God has given me as an inheritance of my faith.
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  5. GraceBro
    “There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5)." There is no one else who can mediate with God for us. Since Jesus is the only mediator, Mary and the saints cannot be mediators.
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