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  1. miggles
    globalists (billionaires) are behind it. trump is the only one standing between them and us.
  2. Christian Apologist
  3. maintenance man
    A helpful challenge to reach higher.
  4. friend of
  5. maintenance man
  6. maintenance man
    An important lesson from the Word of God.
  7. Anguspure
    Yes! Always looking to Him and Him only as the authority and developer of our faith. We only follow others in so far as they also show that they have their hearts set on Him and are closer to Him.
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  8. cyphercat
    When I was a drug addict, I don't think many of my prayers got through. I didn't need to pray because the solution to a lot of my problems was to simply stop doing drugs.
  9. Gidgx
    Can anyone post here. Just checking
  10. maintenance man
  11. mnorian
  12. mnorian
    Hi Gid; just stopped by to test your comments.
  13. spiritualchristian7
    Question is: Are you using the money? or Is the money using you?
  14. spiritualchristian7
    Deny yourself to follow Christ Less of you=more of God
  15. Multifavs
    Beautiful images of God's wonderful creation! The spirals just show us His glory, don't they? :)
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  16. Anguspure
    Don't forget: A Floating Hospital
  17. maintenance man
    Take a look and just consider the possibilities.
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  18. Anguspure
  19. Anguspure
    Money is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams, or in our case: to forget Who it is we are serving.
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