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  1. Shrewd Manager
    Be nice if we knew who she was talking about, as she jingles her sun/moon amulets.
  2. maintenance man
    A reminder of our common bond as believers.
  3. maintenance man
    Guaranteed to lift your spirit.
  4. maintenance man
    I got a cross, a hill, and an empty grave...
  5. maintenance man
    The devil is happy when we ignore him. That's a mistake.
  6. Greengardener
    For such a difficult confession, you said it amazingly well! None of us are good enough, and most of us would, or should, confess that we aren't our own best friends all the time, sometimes not even much of the time. Not many would have had the...
  7. Greengardener
  8. mark kennedy
    They probably fleed with as much silver and gold as you can. The vineyards would have been up in the hills so finding a cask of wine I'm sure wasn't a big challenge.
  9. Greengardener
    You have a good writing style and you presented this topic. At one time I would have agreed without reservation. But there's something that bears seeing here. Let me give it a try. The disciples were not being unlawful. Harvesting the field...
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  10. Greengardener
    This story cause me a lot of stumbling in my childhood. Later I realized there must have been something built into the women that showed up again in Tamar, Judah's daughter-in-law. There was something so precious about bearing a child and...
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  11. maintenance man
  12. maintenance man
    This is a fantastic acoustic version of a great song.
  13. grandvizier1006
    I can’t wait for the Resurrection of the dead, when we come out of the ground or reassemble from our ashes and return to our restored, physical bodies.
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  14. maintenance man
    There's nothing more affirming than the words of Jesus.
  15. 1watchman
    God says to "...bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ " (2 Cor. 10:5). He wants to hear our request for help and is ever ready to help us ---right? As to your interests, why not try some work on the side in art, and...
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  16. maintenance man
    Don't miss this one! I'm living for the world to see nobody but Jesus.
  17. maintenance man
    A simple country tune about our relationship with God.
  18. Mark Dohle
    Wow, what a brave soul you are. You are honest, have self knowledge and have a deep love and relationship with God. Yes, your life is hard, yet you have ways of dealing with it, and a good relationship with your parents. Let us pray for one...
  19. maintenance man
    A unique video. In awesome wonder, He reigns forever.
  20. maintenance man
    This is a short and simple reminder.