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  1. Aquila0121
    Wow. That's some both far out and deep stuff. While I don't see it as a theological doctrine of faith, I do see the poetic or philosophical value of the examination. I had a similar idea once. While soaking in prayer I saw in my minds eye a...
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  2. maintenance man
    A great Johnny Cash call to turn to God.
  3. maintenance man
  4. ilovejcsog
    LOL, you're funny. You should be a writer. Maybe there was something in that electronic cig. you were smoking?
  5. maintenance man
    There might be more we can do.
  6. Richard T
    There is no bias. Progressive churches are mostly dying off, while more conservative ones are thriving....
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  14. maintenance man
  15. maintenance man
    When we truly believe and express that faith through love we have found the path to heaven.
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