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  1. yeshuaslavejeff
    Probably most versions of "faith" on earth are false, since Jesus said to watch out for the many false teachers, and the many false prophets, and so on - many warnings to His disciples. Test everything , verify it is God's Word, before believing...
  2. Aleksandros
    Remember what the Scriptures say of Christ, who has promised, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age": "The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to...
  3. Aleksandros
    Remember that from your current position, your memories will likely be faulty and/or tampered with - one fatal flaw of introspective investigation. Remember that the position you're in is not unique; that alone will help. Even 300-400 years...
  4. Korean-American Christian
    So you see, faith by itself isn't enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless (James 2:17). He ensures that orphans and widows receive justice. He shows love to the foreigners living among you and gives them food and clothing...
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  5. mukk_in
    I'm glad that you're a regular at Church kiddo. It doesn't matter whether you were saved as a kid or not. What matters is that if you're confessing that "Jesus Christ is Lord", then you're saved now. When you feel tired and scared meditate on...
  6. bettercallpaul
    I forgot to add that God judges our heart, not our brain. On Judgment Day, we wont be sitting a written exam on Christian doctrine."The answer was only "faith". Not faith and works" Fail fail Fail. :) It is hilarious to think we should worry...
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  7. Korean-American Christian
    Praying for peace, healing, wisdom and discernment[IMG]
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  8. JesusLovesOurLady
    Nice exegesis! My brother is fan of Attack on Titan, unfortunately, he is an atheist, I'm praying for his conversion. Also, if I may make this comment, one of the walls is named Maria? Interesting.
  9. JesusLovesOurLady
    Remember that your kidnappers also want to die. God is Life Himself, and you kidnappers hate Him, they don't want to spend eternity with Him. But you know how wonderful Eternity with God is, how kind and loving He is. If you truly forgive your...
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  10. Greg Merrill
    I looked up Abiathar in "The NEW SMITH'S Bible Dictionary" and either there is an error in Smith's or there is an error in the Bible, according to Smith's. Once again, I believe the Bible over man. Here is what Smith's says: "In the NT Mk....
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  11. Beautyinsteadofashes
    My three 1. A full tank of gas 2. A caring heart 3. Church today
  12. Chosen_and_blessed
    I am sorry that you are feeling so worn out and afraid. I will pray for you and also for your extended family. I hope you can find some rest in the loving arms of Jesus. Don't forget that He loves you as His own child. I read this blogpost today...
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  13. Bluerose31
    Beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing :) I love that Jesus is married to us, the church. It is a very passionate description of his love for us.
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  14. Bluerose31
    DeerGlow, God loves you alot. You are saved by his grace. He loves you unconditionally. He always wants to be with you. He will never abandon you.
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  15. Micopero
    Don't be afraid, would you be afraid of a thief if your house is protected with a 100 security guards? Of course not! Being afraid may be hurtful to God's feelings, he loves you and he can and cares! Read my last post about freedom from OCD as it...
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  16. Galilee63
    And through humility humble hearts and souls Jesus loves favors humble souls hearts working through them Jesus told Saint Faustina and His Holy Saints Paul
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  17. Galilee63
    Call upon our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary with Jesus and Holy Spirit for Holy Mother Mary's Loving Holy Intercession in Her Most Holy Rosary and immerse your heart and soul in Jesus Holy Sacred Wounds beseeching God our Heavenly Father to look...
  18. Galilee63
    Do you pray and talk to Jesus in complete trust Paul?
  19. now faith
    I do not consider you a narcissist Paul. You are the opposite, your blogs show your heart and your humanity. You make no one feel bad,nor do you have blogs that are traps. A true narcissist has to bring others down,to their level. !
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  20. bettercallpaul
    I don't know about your Teddy Bear but mine is very stoic at the moment. I wish he'd show his feelings more. Not sure when he's happy or sad. I'm thinking of arranging an appointment with a counsellor.
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