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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. faroukfarouk
    Good to see you back, Sir.
  2. Spirit Reborn
    Beautifully said, brother. I really needed to read this.
  3. YHWH_will_uplift
    The words of king Solomon are true: "The fool says in his heart: there is no god." How can you become an athiest when the Jews are the very physical proof of God's existence? They are the only nation to have been exiled TWICE from their...
  4. tulc
  5. thesunisout
    Amen, I agree with what you have said here about the importance of understanding the roots of Christianity, but of course there is only one root which is Christ. We know the entire bible is about Him. It's also important to understand that we...
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  6. tulc
  7. Monna
    I recall the thrill of listening to a converted Jew preach on passages of the Old Testament - especially on the Tabernacle, the Temple, and the various offerings. But he made it clear, he only saw their application to Jesus when he accepted that...
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  8. Monna
    general comments: The Bible is not a science textbook. "fact" and "truth" are not the same thing. Many important life lessons are not best taught by the "scientific method" but by stories with readily apparent embedded moral truths. Whether one...
  9. Monna
    "Some people ask why would God wait millions of years for something to evolve from a one-celled organism, when he could just create it instantly?" Further to your answer to this question: Jesus came "in the fitness of time" - when the time was...
  10. Monna
    "(Re: Did death not exist before the Fall, so that there could not have been any evolution?) Before the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, death did not exist for Adam and Eve. But nothing requires that death did not exist for anything that God...
  11. Monna
    (About evolution) Evolutionists speak of "random" mutations. With God in the picture they don't have to be random in fact, but an observer might see them as such. Most Christian believers claim that God created them, not meaning through countless...
  12. YHWH_will_uplift
    For those interested in solving the supposed contradiction between Joseph son of Jacob and Joseph son of Heli should look into the Maccabees and Alexander III "Helios". Very exciting reads!
  13. tulc
  14. Crowned Princess
    Beautifully written! And very well said! :cheer:
  15. tulc
  16. Paul of Eugene OR
    It is probably good for all mankind that your mental energies are devoted to this calendar stuff. Please, carry on.
  17. YHWH_will_uplift
    @Paul of Eugene OR Except the Bible never once states that the earth moves: on the contrary we are told that the earth does not move. In addition calendars never measure the movements of anything: they simply give us the the day, week, month, and...
  18. Paul of Eugene OR
    Oh, regardless of what calendar the Bible sets forth, alternate calendars cannot be "false" if they are ACCURATE. Do they truly represent, in time, the phenomenon of the rotation of the earth causing day and night, the orbit of the earth...
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  19. YHWH_will_uplift
    @Jesus: From Gen to Rev As regards the timing of the Sabbath of the feasts: please note carefully that they had to rest according to the commandment because Passover began in the evening. When you properly look at YHWH's Calendar you will see...
  20. YHWH_will_uplift
    @Jesus: From Gen to Rev I see that you choose to remain in your own ignorance based upon your answers given to me and wish to close your eyes to the truth which I have pointed out to you so clearly. How can you say that the Moon is not a source...