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Your Heart

  1. Your Heart.jpg

    I think most of us spend too much time inside our brains. Actually, it is the heart that is the depository of all wisdom and the source of our character. We would all do well to get out of our brain and into our heart.

    “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 (NASB)

    Much of this world is focused on the futility of accumulating wealth and possessions. As followers of Jesus Christ, we put that folly aside – we seek to satisfy our heart rather than our bank account.

    “Sell your possessions and give to charity; make yourselves money belts which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:33-34 (NASB)

    The transforming work of the gospel has pointed believers in a new direction. In contrast to the envy and strife so common in this world, believers focus on love; not a generic human affection, but love from a pure heart.

    “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5 (NASB)

    Our walk with the Lord liberates us from evil and substitutes our worldly life with a pursuit of righteousness, and peace. Together as a family of believers, we seek that which is good and avoid that which is evil.

    “Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.” 2 Timothy 2:22 (NASB)

    The very core of Christian ethics includes the heart, soul, and mind working in one accord in pursuit of God and serving him by serving others.

    “And He said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’” Matthew 22:37 (NASB)

    While this world sometimes promises peace, there actually is nothing close to the peace provided through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When our heart is filled with our love for God, we find composure in the midst of trouble and our fear is dissolved.

    “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” John 14:27 (NASB)

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