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Yoga "workouts" & My Experience: A Testimony

  1. I'll start with this by saying I grew up in a Christian home. Got baptized, married and had children young in life. We were blessed with a special needs son and 2 other children. As any special needs parent knows, life can be a bit rough and tough. As the years went on and school years for the kids began, the problems that went on at school with my special needs son, seemed endless. Always, one thing after another would pop up, it was so hard to deal with. I was always stressed out!

    Well, I began to gain weight which was more than likely stress related. So I looked for things other than reading the Bible, to relieve some of my stress.

    At first I bought an elliptical trainer and that was good for several months. Then as I grew bored of doing that, I then found a belly dance dvd in Walmart for a fairly cheap price. Sure, I can try that! It took up minimal space in my house and I lost 6 inches within 6 weeks! I even bought a couple of books that explained belly dance moves but I didn't really get into all that, so I just stored them away.

    After outgrowing the belly dance dvd, I then wanted to try something different. I felt I needed to tone up my muscles some so again, thanks to good ol' Walmart, I found another dvd (I purchased ALL my dvds in Walmart.) so I was all set to "tone up my muscles". The instructor incorporated some "stretches" in between and after the workout (cool down) without really saying where her stretching sequences came from. No big deal, right? I do believe she said yoga on the back of her cover description. Meh, everybody's doing it, so what? For all I knew, she was an experienced instructor and I just blindly did what she did, didn't question a thing! She certainly had a soothing tone about her and looked friendly and encouraging enough. She had great workouts which I did for several years and enjoyed doing them! After doing her workouts, though, I noticed alot more aches and pains within my muscles and this lady always insisted on "keeping the spine straight. You have a looong spine.." OK, I thought that was odd and again, did not question it.

    As I was noticing more PAIN after these workouts, I then sought out some relief for myself. I picked up a pilates dvd with a resistance band and yes, it sure did work, I was impressed! So, whenever I felt knotted up, I would just stretch out to that dvd, completely oblivious to the spiritual attachments to their poses, breathing techniques, etc...

    Next up I was ready for more of a challenge. I'm sure many people are aware of the great Jillian Michaels, right? (Yes, I said that with sarcasm. lol) Ugh, she was the WORST. Did I ever see results? Yes. But here's the kicker. Only ONE TIME. After doing a brand new workout for the first time, you usually see results! Not awesome results, but results nonetheless. Once you've reached some results, you want to see more results. Which is what they tell you. You want to workout harder, workout more hours in the day. You are SO focused on YOURSELF. That's reliably to be a destructive path! I ended up buying MOST of her dvds. Eventually, I got so wore down and tired of her attitude and yelling that I just stopped her workouts altogether and went back to the "nice lady with the weights and stretches and poses". Jillian also incorporated yoga and martial arts into her workouts.

    This went on for 13 years.

    I was always sore but always linked it to "you just did a hard workout". Or, if I hadn't worked out in a while, "you need to do another workout!"

    At the same times though, I had ALOT of crazy dreams. I've always been one to be prone to such nonsensical dreams and even as a child was told, "It's only a dream, it doesn't mean anything." Well, hello internet! As I'm looking back now and writing this out, I'm realizing just how much I allowed into my mind. As the saying goes, "Garbage in, garbage out." SO TRUE. After I would have such a weird dream, I would look it up and try to put the pieces together myself. Dreammoods.com was one of the sites I'd visit. None of it made any sense. Then I started to look into "spirituality" stuff. Over the years I'd become the opposite of what I once knew myself to be. I asked a couple times here on CF and would kinda scoff if someone said it was "demon related activity." Hmph! How was I, a Christian, inviting demonic activity into my life?! I really was clueless!

    I would urge everybody to do your own research on yoga, pilates, belly dance and the spirituality tied into it all, they are all one and the same. Satan is a great deceiver and he WILL trick you, like he did me, into believing you NEED to do these spiritual, not physical, practices! So many Christians have the attitude, "I'm covered by God's grace, so that stuff doesn't affect me." Guess what? I've got news for you who think that. BECAUSE you are covered by God's grace, YOU NEED TO BE EVEN MORE AWARE OF THE EVILS OUT THERE!!! And no, there is NO such thing as "Christian yoga". That is a big pile of garbage that even the Hindus themselves say is WRONG. Yoga means to "unite". Unite to what? Let me tell you. All kinds of crazy, demonic, spiritual things. Please look it up with an open mind. Educate yourself!

    Anyway, I'd been spiralling downwards. My marriage suffered. I was awful to my loving husband. Everything was his fault, etc... He forgave me anyway. I had SO many negative thoughts about him, wrote them down in a notebook journal and kept "track of things." When I went through my room to purge unnecessary and unwanted stuff, I found 2 1/2 notebooks of my journalling. I glanced through them and they were MOSTLY negative journalling! I burned them and repented of that sin. There is absolutely NO need to hang on to ANYthing negative. Ever. In fact, that is exactly what satan wants you to do. Hang on to the bad so there is no room for good. Grr... However, I am grateful we have an indoor wood stove! I can burn paper material that is unnecessary as I see them. Other materials get burned outdoors. Including yoga pants!

    In the past year or so, I had awful dreams becoming more constant as the months went by. I was constantly seeing shadows in my peripheral vision. Of course, nothing was there. One night as we were driving through town (husband was driving, thankfully!) As we drove past a graveyard, I was SURE I saw some shapes of shadow people along the side of the road! I didn't say anything out loud but kinda freaked out inwardly. Many nights when I walked into the dark bedroom where husband was already asleep, I'd see lights, even orbs. I hid under the blankets to shut them out only to be plagued by the dreams I had.
    I had horrible night experiences! I had out of body experiences, I was floating in my dreams, I was just feeling full on crazy and when I called out to Jesus, I couldn't feel anything. One night, something grabbed my foot and dragged me across my bed and when I awoke, I ended up banging my head on the headboard in violent reaction! In reality, I hadn't even moved. Another time I was pushed super fast backwards across a room in a desk chair in a dream I was having and was stopped just in time as to not crash into a wall that was coming up close and fast! I also experimented with binaural beats. There are "beats" for everything! Growing long hair, losing weight, improving your balance and hearing and yes, even for sex. One thing led after another. I've learned now that by doing these "spiritual exercises" is equal to doing hallucinogenic drugs! It messes with your psychological health BIG TIME. It also gives demons legal grounds to play around. DON'T DO IT.

    Although Jesus DID rescue me several times when I would start to feel a sleep paralysis come on. Just as I could feel it happen, He stopped it! Amazing! I would hear things. Scratching under my bed, even directly under my pillow! When I looked to see if anything was there... nothing. I even woke up husband from his deep sleep to ask if he'd heard anything. Nope. I often heard bumps and noises elsewhere in the house. My kitchen would clatter and clang for no apparent reason. Even my kids heard it yet nothing was ever out of order after we investigated the possibilities of that noise.

    I wore an infinity ring (which I thought was "cute" when I bought it) NEVER AGAIN! I wore it for about a week and with all the crazy spiritual things I'd already gone through, I felt God was putting it on my heart to really pay attention! I don't know, maybe I'm a tough student, lol. But I wore that ring for one week and that was one week of PURE UNREST! (I've since demolished it with a solid steel block and a hammer.) Oh, those demons had a field day harassing me day and night! Only, I was too dumb to figure out WHY. I would wake up at 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 am. Not knowing WHY. I never got into numerology which I'm pretty sure they were trying to get me to do. Thank God I am not a fan of numbers! No thanks! Around 6am one morning, just about a month ago, I was just waking up when I heard a floorboard in my bedroom creak. That never ever happens unless someONE is stepping on it. Even my cat can't activate that part of the creak in the floor. This time I felt fear. I probably walked right through whatever entity was standing there and I went downstairs to open up the Bible.

    Well, it all came to an end when one day, I was on Youtube and a "suggestion" video came up. The last time I'd done a "workout" was in November and my sciatica pain had been flaring up again. Oh yeah, since working out, that happened! I was in constant need of massages and it was never enough! So, I clicked on a video that talks about yoga and how it's satanic, etc. MY EYES WERE OPEN!!!!! As a CHRISTIAN, shame on ME for even bringing that garbage into my house! Well, my mind was made up. After watching a few more videos by different people that said the exact same thing, it made complete sense to me and answered many of my questions, I decided enough was enough. More than one person is out there putting up warnings to all of us. Only the ignorant would ignore such a thing. I got to serious thinking. I collected all my workout dvds, books, even some new age cds which I had no idea they were even new age! (BTW: anything "Self Healing" IS NEW AGE. Do not buy it or even listen to it!) I thought it was just soothing music because I felt so stressed out! I collected these things on December 17th and started up a fire in our fire pit in the back yard. I told God that if I should not have these things, then I will know. If it didn't mean anything, then I just burned a pile of material. I was amazed how quickly they burned! I did feel better afterward and went on with my day.

    Now, the next day.... I woke up feeling miserable. I hurt. All over. Most of all that hurt was in my SPINE! Here is what yoga does - (A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. There are many different kinds of yoga. Kundalini Yoga is the awakening or release of the latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine). I understand now why my spine hurt so much.

    I wanted to look up my symptoms on the internet but I could not focus. My eyes were sore and things were so blurry. My shoulder blades and all my muscles that I'd worked so hard at over the years, were on fire! I took a hot epsom salt bath. It helped. But I still felt like I had a mild flu with chills and aches all throughout the day. In the evening I finally got up to do something productive. Surprisingly, that helped alot! I took another epsom salt soak in the evening before bed and I was blown away by how I felt the next morning!!! I had a deep, peaceful sleep that I hadn't experienced in a LONG time and I had a smile on my face and felt light as air! The illness I'd felt the day before was no doubt that God was purging demons from my body! I could not stop smiling! I wasn't even trying, it was just THERE! lol I literally felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come within me. I can't even describe it. So peaceful, at rest, genuinely HAPPY. Drove my husband crazy with all the smiling... I don't think he minded, though. Better than being grumpy and moody when I looked at him! lol My sciatica pain is GONE. I used to have vertigo. GONE. I feel physically HEALED! I feel like my old self before I got into the "must workout" nonsense but in a much better way! I will still exercise but now my eyes and soul have been opened and I will never buy another workout dvd again! It's just not worth that risk! I can walk, skip, jump, bike... there are so many levels of exercise one can do that is NOT tied to spiritual, demonic entities! This house has settled down tremendously. I've also not had any horrible, crazy dreams! I'm resting in God, for sure! I'm much more open to reading my Bible now and I'm amazed at how I'm even able to retain verses in my memory and even use them, in context, in a conversation! The work of the Holy Spirit, no doubt! Even my husband has had the "woah!" expression on his face as we talk and I quote a scripture. He's running for his Bible again, too!

    I know I'm not done yet. This is just the beginning! I do believe that God set it on my heart to start decluttering items from our house back in the summer time. I believe it led up to this "Spiritual decluttering", just in time for Christmas! Christmas and Easter were also times where I would feel especially irritable. So moody and depressed = spiritual warfare! Well, feeling the Holy Spirit dwell in me after I burned all that garbage up, did my soul a world of good and I'm telling my kids about it, not holding back. They are all past the childhood stage and plenty old enough to learn and understand the hard facts of life and the things in it. We need to live as Ambassadors for Christ. Not as weaklings who "go with the flow of the world." That flow will get you nowhere, except in a world of lost and confusion.

    A few Bible verses that have helped me:

    Acts 19 : 19 - And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted the value of them and found it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver.

    2 Corinthians 2 : 11 So that we would not be outwitted by satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.

    All of Psalm 91 helps me to sleep in peace!

    1 Corinthians 10 : 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of the demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

    1 Corinthians 15 : 33 Do not be deceived, bad company ruins good morals.

    Matthew 7 : 13 Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction and those who enter it are many.

    So, if anyone out there is doing yoga or anything even similar to yoga and have been feeling even slightly "off" than usual after doing it. That is your first clue. Stop doing it. Destroy the material so that it's no longer usable and repent of it. God WILL bless you for it!


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  1. Cheryl6397
    Wow! When I read the title I ummed and arred about reading but so glad I did. Ive read and watched a fair amount about yoga and the like and hadnt realised its not good. I've never done it myself as its never pulled me but I had started listening to what I think are binaural beats. I've not knowingly done anything against God but I feel like I have a "blockage". I was baptised in 2017 so still consider myself a newborn. I still feel anger, bitterness, jealosy etc and have got to my knees and prayed for forgiveness for all the hidden and unknown I hold inside. The evil one needs such a tiny window to climb in and hes got you. I have statues in my home, now hidden, that have been given and bought as gifts for me, of Mary and Jesus. I now realise these statues need to go. Some belonged to my grandparents and are years old and as sentimental as I am and as much as it will upset me to get rid, I need God more than I need statues that I shouldnt pray to anyway (ec catholic)
    Remain blessed
      *LILAC likes this.
    1. *LILAC
      So glad my testimony has helped you! Yes, statues and other such things should be destroyed! But don't beat yourself up over any of it. Jesus has already paid the price and we can be FREE in knowing that! The devil can go kick rocks!
      Cheryl6397 likes this.
  2. Seadish
    Very awesome testimony to for sharing
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    1. *LILAC
      Thank you!
  3. Gracia Singh
    Well written! Thank you for putting this out there! More folks should read this.
      *LILAC likes this.
    1. *LILAC
      Thank you! Yes, I agree. I believe there are many who can attest to similar situations. People need to certainly be aware of what they are really doing not just physically but psychologically and spiritually. It really does a number on you!