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Who You Going To Listen To?

  1. I live in Las Vegas. Recently, here in June, the temperature tied the record for that date at 117 degrees. I have stopped watching TV news pretty much, so I didn't hear all the complaints and other negative comments about the weather. On that day I didn't hardly even notice the heat. For about two weeks now we have been having heat at about 110 degrees. But as the saying goes "but it is a dry heat." We went to California during this time and the weather was in the high 80's. That is hot for them, but it is a humid heat. The TV news tells people how dreadful this all is. When I don't watch the TV news my body tells me I am fine. The air conditioning is on and we just purchased a new system last year, so it will not break down any time soon. The fridge is keeping things cold to eat and drink. The car has a/c, as do the buildings we travel to.
    We even have a swimming pool to refresh us. So the point of this blog is "Who are you going to listen to? I don't have to turn on the TV news. I don't have to listen to people that tell me I should be complaining because it is hot outside. I choose to be happy, to be thankful, to appreciate what I am actually feeling, which is not hot. The TV news also tells people about shootings, fires, car accidents. I don't need to let all that bad news depress me every day. The worldly news also tells me about men having sex together, doctors killing babies before they are born, things being "millions" of years old, and the stupid laws that politicians have created or want to create. The world tells me about a lot of bad things. But I don't have to spend all my time listening to the world's view of things. God tells me what to spend my time thinking about in Philippians 4:8. Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report; if there be any virtue, if there be any praise (not complaint), to think on these things. I think I will listen to God instead of the world, and be blessed, instead of filled with negativity. Thank You, Lord, for all the wonderful things You have given me to enjoy. 1 Timothy 6:17.


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  1. WilliamBo
    When i watch CNN and NBC, i feel fear creep in... I don't like the news. My whole family watches CNN all the time, and hate Trump, and they have no peace, and always fight with eachother.
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    2. WilliamBo
      Thanks Greg, I have been for the whole 5 years I've known Christ. They know my beliefs, but they haven't seen me fully ''walk it out'' yet
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    3. Greg Merrill
      I became a Christian at age 6 in a home that was not. I started going to church regularly with my Aunt's family at age 19, and then on my own ever since. My Mom eventually started going to church when I became it's pastor in 1998. That same year I led my much older brother to the Lord, and he was the first person I ever baptized. I was able to lead my cousin to the Lord, and baptize him and his son. I lead an adult nephew to the Lord as well.
    4. Greg Merrill
      On the other hand my father died unsaved, saying I was wasting my time talking to him. My older sister is still unsaved as well. There is still time and hope for your family, WilliamBo. Don't give up; and do what you can.
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  2. frienden thalord
    That is hot enough to make cactus sweat.
    But I am sure with ya about the wordly news dung.
    Its been hot here too greg. I budget like no other
    so the house stays around eighty five on average.
    But , WE GOT THE LORD brother...................That is all I NEED. amen.
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  3. bettercallpaul
    Just if I notice someone suffering on the news, it makes me appreciate my own stress free life. I should be praying for them, shouldn't I.
    1. Greg Merrill
      Good for you to see it this way. I have no problem with that. I watch TV news at times, but not every day, always at the same time. TV news is not my master. I don't respond to it's every call, nor am dependent on it. I think of people suffering in hospitals and prisons. I think of lonely people living alone, or with disabilities. I think of people in war torn countries, oppressed countries, and people that are always being taken advantage of.
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    2. Greg Merrill
      I was just recently sitting alone at an amusement park, waiting for family to get off the thrill ride I didn't want to ride. I was wondering how many of these people walking past me were headed for an eternity of doom, or if one prefers, an eternity of missing out on the spectacular glories of heaven. So sad, yet this focus does not send me into depression or complaint.
    3. Greg Merrill