Who Jesus is to me

  1. Jesus is..

    The Person who would love the very people you ignore.
    He would Judge those who Judged Others.
    He would sooner have a kind word for a sinner than a self righteous saint.
    You would rarely find him at a church.. but would find him on the streets with the hurting.
    He wouldn't desire to live in a fancy house.. he would prefer to sleep on the streets with the least of these.
    He would walk a thousand miles just to tell someone he loved them..
    He would expect us to do the same..
    He would care more about peoples heart than the clothes they wear.

    If Jesus Came to your church today would you want him there?

    He would tip over your tables selling books,snacks and coffee.

    He wouldn't condone spending 50 grand on adding a new media center while 3 blocks down a homeless person burned with hunger.

    He would sit right at the back with the person who wandered in off the street just to keep warm, the very person you wished wouldn't take up a seat.

    Your Doctrines and Dogmas wouldn't interest him

    Your Ignoring his message wouldn't impress him.

    Todd Agnew--"My Jesus" - YouTube


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