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When Detours Become Highways

By timothyu · May 19, 2019 ·
  1. Scripture or religion can be used for either good or evil. That self determination was after all, the reason mankind became a problem in the first place in the Garden, and as a result was removed to isolate the corruption.

    Yet Jesus taught of the Kingdom and it's ways polar to those of mankind. It was the focus of His teachings (He said in fact the Gospel of the Kingdom was what He was sent to teach) and the basis of His commission to us (the Gospel we were to spread). If His teachings were followed, teachings where the ways of mankind were exposed in contrast to the ways of the Kingdom, it would be quite easy to discern who is following the traditional ways of mankind and who is not.

    Jesus gave us the HS to guide us in the ways of the Kingdom, the Jews calling it a recommended path with spiritual purpose. But for some reason we have reverted to a path of self justification for our ways, ignoring the stark contrast between the Kingdom and mankind's ideals. No doubt the reason for the final conflict between the Kingdom and the very nations we support.

    Instead today we have an 'anything goes as long as the end justifies the means' attitude in Christianity, which is no different than the everyday ways of mankind in their dealings in politics or commerce. There is no longer separation between Kingdom and man in teachings. Sounds like the original teachings in Christianity are a little off track today. There is no narrow path in following the traditional ways of mankind. That one is as wide as you can get.

    © ...timothyu


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