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What's In A Name?

By timothyu · Jul 9, 2019 · Updated Jul 9, 2019 ·
  1. There is truth in the concept that a personal desire to stand out within the world (versus the Kingdom) has inadvertently lead people down a false trail, that as a result has wrongly combined Christianity with the traditional ways of mankind. A way that treats religion as if it were a team within a win or lose league. Opposing faiths within the same religion treated like opposing political parties using the same repulsive attitudes. Such nonsense.

    In effect, what is happening is a returning of mankind from access to the Kingdom and acting in it's ways, to modifying those ways to once again serve self-interest and the restrictions of mankind's world that is based on the devil inspired concept of self determination. Doing so using a sense of belonging as a lure. Using a false Godly endorsement of societal human ways to dupe those who are afraid to let go of the world of man for fear they shall be seen as outcasts.

    How else can we explain those of thorny ground who defend those who hold positions of authority and power, be they by wealth or politics. These 'team' players, under those they themselves will never benefit from or be accepted by in their inner circles. This while the world is overcome all around them by all sorts of evils (compliments of those they follow) which they must never speak badly of, given instead only the sanctioned sins they are allowed to vent about. Why would they, claiming on one hand to be servants of God, in reality be servants of those whose ideals are anti Christ in nature seeking the wealth and fame the world offers?

    Are these supporters seeking to be hated by the world, or blindly selling their souls by seeking feelings of belonging to a world they are afraid to let go of. Again... why does mankind try to justify (by using God) the ideals that places themselves before others? By calling others enemies rather than changing themselves to suit the will of God? Why do those seeking reward in life think they shall receive reward of an opposite nature in death? Can they truly have it both ways or simply do the blind lead the blind?

    "A weak minded person is frequently diverted toward pursuing exterior happiness when the breath of popular favour accompanies his good actions. So he gives up his own personal choices, preferring to remain at the mercy of whatever he hears from others. Thus, he rejoices not so much to become but to be called blessed. Eager for praise, he gives up what he had begun to be; and so he is severed from God by the very means by which he appeared to be commendable in God." ... Pope St. Gregory the Great

    © ...timothyu


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