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What The Biblical Veganism?

  1. Oh, diets. Controversial at best especially in the Christian and Jewish communities. Kosher vs. gentile diets. What's pleasing to Adonai our God?

    I wondered this for a long time. I felt bad about eating meat all my life and yet I couldn't deny the lust for animal blood. The juicier the steak, the rawness of meat, was what I craved. And yet I felt it hurting my body. Milk? Cheese? DUH, it's so delicious!

    And yet it was killing me to eat this way. I felt slower physically and mentally. It was hard to digest let alone feel the nutritional benefits from. Even while following Kosher I felt this way. So I re-read Genesis and then it really did make total sense.

    In the Garden Adam and Havah (Eve) ate plants and lived in harmony with animals. Then sin happened and the world was not according to God's perfect plan. How can it? The plan was ruined and suffering occurred.

    I wondered why God wasn't pleased with Cain's sacrifice. Why did an innocent animal have to suffer death in order to atone for human sin. Then it made sense. Cain was offering his food. Food that God allowed humans to eat. Abel didn't sacrifice an animal that was going to be for food, he sacrificed it to feel remorse for his sin. When you commit a sin against God and ask for forgiveness isn't it better to see the effect your sin has?

    We didn't physically see Yeshua die for us, but the ancient practice of seeing an innocent creature, lambs, unknowingly of right and wrong suffer and die often gives humans a remorseful response.

    Many adults might be jaded to this but look at kids. If your child sinned and had to kill his/her pet lamb to atone for sin don't you think he/she would think twice before making that sin again?

    We can also look at the book of Daniel. Now, I'm not sure if after those ten days Daniel continued to be, essentially, vegan but from my reading, it seems likely he did since he was still in a pagan society away from Jewish approved meat. After those ten days, the comparison between him and his friends versus the other interpreters was that the others were less healthy than Daniel and his friends.

    We can also look at Noah and how he and his family during the 40 days most likely didn't eat the animals God assigned him to carry on the ark. He waits for vegetation in order to sustain a livelihood.

    Now think about the modern day western diet. There are studies (The China Study being the most popular and well researched/documented) that suggest a plant-based diet is the healthiest way of living. And why not? If God told us to only eat the fruits and vegetation of the Garden one could conclude God designed us to only eat plants. Massive health benefits come from eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Protein and calcium can be consumed in greater proportions with the right plant-based food than in meat. Documentaries like What the Health, Pure Plant Nation, and Food Inc, go into the health benefits of an all plant-based diet.

    From the first chapters of Genesis to Daniel to Proverbs 12 to Yeshua's teachings (yes from the texts it seems He was Pescetarian, but yet even still there was compassion to animals in His teaching) there is Biblical evidence that having a vegan diet not only is healthiest for humanity but also allows us to live in harmony with animals. Now, yes lions are still going to eat meat but there is an interesting image in Isaiah 11:6-9 where he talks about not only carnivores and herbivores living in harmony but a young child too. Humans are included in this perfect picture. We aren't eating animal flesh but rather you see both types of animals eating plants together and it's implied the child is too.

    So even though this is after Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) this entry was inspired by my reflections on Yom Kippur and how I feel Yeshua became the lamb that atoned for my sins. I'm grateful Adonai gave me the wisdom and knowledge to pursue veganism and that Yeshua's sacrifice allows me, a Gentile, to feel peace with God.

    Hope anyone reading this has a blessed day/night!

    And for all Jews, I hope your Yom Kippur was full of reflection and grace!
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  1. Lucian Hodoboc
    I fail to see how being born out of parents who disobeyed God makes you a sinner and how killing an animal as a sacrifice to the God whom your parents have disobeyed is supposed to atone for the fact that you are their son.
    1. makeajoyfulnoise100
      One's own sin makes one a sinner. Abel would have known of his sin, whatever that was, and wanted to atone for it.