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What I Believe: Introduction

By grandvizier1006 · Jul 28, 2020 · ·
  1. Because blogs are places where people give their opinions, and in some cases outright peddle their ideology, some posts will be all about what I believe. As an American in an age of partisanship and hyper-polarization, I must be careful in the way in which I phrase my opinions and in voicing them aloud. At times, I must strive to avoid being censored, or simply censured (isn’t English a fun language?) by keeping my opinions to myself. Well, because this blog is an extension of myself and my thoughts, this is me sharing them while also holding onto the ridiculous and socially destructive notion of “keep it to yourself”.

    Obviously, these types of posts will be frequent in theory but infrequent in actuality. To articulate one’s beliefs, one must do immense amount of research and citations. And because I’m a conservative (see now why I fear being censored or censured?), I’ll have an especially difficult time, as most of secular society is biased towards the left, although many people often deny this or genuinely don’t understand how I can see things that way because to them, these opinions are not extremist, but default ones.

    To give this introduction post some substances, I’ll give you a list of some of the opinions I have that either do not require a full explanation or can be elaborated upon later. These are my views in condensed form, not Twitter “hot-takes”. They are the following:

    I am a Christian, with all of basic and essential beliefs and doctrines that naturally follows from that.

    I am a conservative, not a libertarian. Sometimes I agree with libertarians, and other times I disagree with them. Many conservatives, including Ben Shapiro, who in some ways made me realize the leftist bias in secular society, identify as “libertarians” despite having very un-libertarian opinions on certain issues. I’m not bothering with pretend labels.

    I support the First Amendment and reject the very concept of “hate speech”. While there are a few exceptions to free speech, saying something that could potentially offend someone that does not approach criminal intent under current United States laws should remain protected, no matter how offensive.

    I support the Second Amendment. At the moment, I don’t own any guns myself, nor do I plan to get any. But I respect the rights of those who do own them.

    As a conservative Christian, I believe in most of the things that American “evangelical” Christians believe. Some of these are aspects of the faith that have been passed down for millennia, and others are simply cultural beliefs which I can change at will.

    I believe that abortion constitutes murder and that life begins at fertilization (I do not mean conception, I mean fertilization). Christians have been opposed to abortion for centuries, therefore I am as well.

    I believe marriage is between a man and a woman for life, and no-fault divorce and homosexuality are violations of this. The same sentence above relating to Christians applies here as well.

    I am comfortable with the idea of Darwinian evolution and believe it does not undermine Genesis or God’s creation, sovereignty, control of the world, or purpose for humanity. The rejection of this, based on my study, is not a rejection of a Christian belief, but a cultural one.

    I will describe myself as “right-wing”, “right-leaning” or “on the right” in many instances, but I reject the ideology of the “alt-right”.

    While I disagree with Islam and the secular left’s attempt to equate it with Christianity (in a well-meaning but misguided effort to promote peace), I am more comfortable with a devout and peaceful Muslim than a hateful atheist. The Muslim and I may be from different cultures and mistrust each other at first glance, but we have something very fundamental in common, and politics sometimes allows these things to be forgotten.

    I support the concept of binary, biological sex and reject the concept of a “spectrum of gender” currently being promoted in leftist circles. There is male, there is female, and there are on occasion people born with abnormal sex characteristics, but these exceptions do not constitute a new gender, nor do they break down the traditional understanding we have of biological sex and sex roles.

    I’d like to do away with the word “gender” entirely and replace it with sex, but right now the culture is not ready to accept us using the word “sex” to replace it because it already is used to refer to sexual intercourse. So we’ll have to invent a new word…

    While gender roles are not “hard and fast”, they are not to be discarded entirely.

    A corporation that has just as much as, if not more, power than a state should be feared as much as an oppressive government.

    I believe the First Amendment should apply to private companies in addition to the government to ensure that no one is fired or removed for their beliefs just because they air them publicly, unless those beliefs fall under an exception to the First Amendment. If a company, religious or secular, wishes to opt out, they must demonstrate that their company has its basis in an ideology, whether this ideology is Christianity, communism, or something else entirely. Another idea would be a strict policy for employees of companies would be to sign agreements not to disclose certain privately-held beliefs that their employer or shareholders would find offensive, unless the employee is faced with having to violate their sincerely-held beliefs, in which case he or she may cite them and avoid violation of conscience.

    I believe the electoral college should remain, but each state must award electoral votes based on proportion or by districts, such as what Maine and Nebraska currently do.

    Minors should not be banned from undergoing HRT and should not take puberty blockers unless it can be demonstrated that the child needs them for some reason besides the wishes of the parents to “transition” their child. I reject the concept of a child believing they are transgender prior to puberty, and I believe they must wait until they are an adult before deciding if they truly wish to transition. Threatening loved ones with suicide for not complying with their wishes is an emotional manipulation tactic.

    Parents should be allowed to spank their children, but only if they actively harm or endanger another child AND they are mentally capable of understanding that they did something wrong. It should not be the first resort parents go to, only a last resort.

    Transgender people should use bathrooms and locker rooms based on the gender they present as, rather than their gender identity, which will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case assessment from the owner of the establishment they wish they wish to use the facilities of. I believe this to be an adequate compromise to the current political discussions around this issue.

    War is, sadly, inevitable at times. I support the just war theory, but it should be done as a last resort and civilian casualties must be minimized.

    I reject the concept of “intersectionality”. If you are a progressive activist for one minority, there is no need to “show solidarity” with other minorities whose interests clash with your own, simply because they vote the same way you do.

    The US has two political parties; all others are, for the time being, meaningless and irrelevant until they can gain enough numbers to become a prominent electoral force. My apologies to libertarians, but if you are persistent then things may change.

    Both American political parties are coalitions of people with different interests who, for various reasons, ended up uniting together despite having different agendas. I reject the concept of “solidarity” that the Democratic party often claims to have for each other within its ranks.

    Both American political parties agree with Christianity on certain principles, but strongly go against Christianity in other ways. As a result, neither party is truly Christian or can be said to be composed of “the real Christians”, but instead is composed of both Christians (nominal and practicing) and non-Christians. Because of this, Christianity in America is politically divided.

    Donald Trump is not a Christian.

    Most politicians are not Christians, even if they claim to be. They are lying for your votes, most likely.

    Most news organizations and journalists seek to propagate an ideology by manipulating the facts of news stories to their advantage, rather than simply reporting the facts.

    Always assume that a journalist or politician is lying before otherwise proving them truthful.

    Communism is a failed ideology.

    Capitalism is efficient, but it has only benefitted certain countries and not helped others. This is not the fault of capitalism, but the people who practice it, because to do so requires empathy for the less fortunate and a vision that goes beyond greed.

    Human nature is fallen and sinful, therefore we will never reach a utopian ideal where no one wrongs anyone else in any way.

    No one knows when Christ will return. It could be tomorrow, or in billions of years. Regardless, we do not usher Him in by our good deeds–He shows up when He feels like it.

    God is a male in an ontological sense, but not in a biological sense. He uses masculine metaphors and the ideal of fatherhood to present Himself to us, therefore it is blasphemous to refer to Him with female pronouns or as “Godself”.

    When an ideology becomes violent, then people are obligated to reject it and do not need to justify it. A violent ideology ceases to be a legitimate one.

    Nothing justifies rioting, murder, vandalism, etc.

    Any attempt at “moving the goal posts”, explaining what the views of another person are when they give their opinion so that you can twist it into something else, and all other similar debate tactics are cheap manipulation tactics and should not be used in political discourse.

    Twitter should be shut down.

    Child beauty pageants should be banned.

    People should be allowed to eat meat (real meat!) if they wish.

    The family is the central unit of civilization and should not be undermined.

    Homeschooling should remain legal.

    No one should be coerced or forced into accepting a political or social belief just because it is the majority or politically convenient at the time.

    Abortion and pornography should not be banned outright, but uncovered as immoral to the public and treated as unhealthy for individuals and society, like smoking is seen today.

    Human rights and needs take precedence over animal needs, but animal needs should be preserved as much as possible. While animals do not have “rights” because they are not capable of exercising them, they must be treated ethically. Meat-eating is not incompatible with this idea.

    Well, that about does it for now!

    Read the original post here: What I believe: Introduction


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  1. doctorwho29
    I probably have more to say but this is what stands out to me at the moment. Great post but how do not have a problem with Darwinian evolution? How, in your mind, does it not contradict or undermine Genesis/the Bible/and the rest of it?
    1. grandvizier1006
      Good question. I’ll have to condense my answer, though, as it’s a very complex topic. Basically, I researched and came to the conclusion that early church views on how to interpret the “primordial” part of Genesis (chapters 1-6, basically everything before Abraham) were not the same views that are typically expressed in young-earth creationist circles today.
    2. doctorwho29
      Interesting but it's still dangerous ground. If one is to disbelieve or even dilute one part of the Bible, why not the rest? Where is the line to be drawn? Also how do you know that the early church wasn't off and the modern interpretation right? Sort of like the Progressive Revelation of God in the history of the Bible. The earliest believers had some interesting ideas about God and yet He still slowly revealed Himself over the centuries until the full picture emerged.