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Votes In Sheep's Clothing

  1. There is always talk in the news in the US come election times about abortion, either outright or masked as issues over funding to various organizations.

    Without touching the subject itself, abortion no doubt already being in the minds of Christians as an obvious affront to God, we should as Christians instead look at the motives behind this so called outcry of indignation.

    Who is this outcry serving.. God or political man? Were it God, it seems they wouldn't just stop at abortion, but continue on with other real issues such as war, poverty, hunger, illness, and so on. None of which are addressed in accordance with God's will, simply because they would then be in conflict with man's ideals of pursuing wealth and power. Abortion, at least until it became profitable in the parts market, previously was not a financial windfall, but that may change now and the tables reverse.

    Anyway, are these people truly following God's will in their anti-abortion tirade, or simply playing at politics using Christians whose fruits seem to suggest they themselves are wrongly labelled. Using God as an excuse to divide and conquer, to gain votes and prosper, serving man's ideals first and foremost, all while ignoring the other issues mentioned, is hardly serving the will of God.

    © ...timothyu


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