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Venezuela, Russia, Mexico And United States (dream)

By Job3315 · Dec 11, 2020 ·
  1. I am posting this here now because I realized I posted it on FB a year ago, but not here and it seems like an important dream regarding different countries. I know it has a few spelling mistakes but I'll leave it as is.

    My God given assignment is to publish these dreams. I am not responsible for the wrong use of these dreams by interpreters. I do not affiliate with any interpreter. The reason I publish my dreams here is so anyone can track the dreams to the original source and validate their authenticity. I only serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Venezuela, Russia, Mexico and United States Dream

    November 19,2019
    In the dream I felt I was in another country. I had a sense I was in a church service. At first I didn't recognize anyone at first. I was trying to figure our what I was looking at and where I was. There were people and all the chairs were next to the wall around the room and the entrance. It was a square room, painted white and it had white aluminium windows that were open. It was daytime. There was a hallway on the entrance that lead to another area, maybe the outside of the church where there were more chairs with people sitting. I was sitting on a chair in the hallway and I heard someone talking inside the room so I looked to my left and I noticed it was the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. I then realized that it was a church and he was preaching. He said something about people following him. People were listening to him speak. I noticed my mom and dad in front of me. I stood up to leave because I knew something bad was going on, and then I saw my dad standing up. My mom said, something like, lets go, your dad is leaving. I felt safe that I wasn't the only one feeling there was something wrong and I was proud that he had the guts to stand up and leave. We walked to the car and I noticed more people decided to leave the church as well. They were walking very subtle but I knew they were trying to run and escape. I saw Hermana Alicia, from my former church. She always asks for prayer for her country Nicaragua. I asked her if she was ok, if she had a car (so she could leave fast) She said she didn't. So without asking my dad I told her we were going to where I live (Texas, US) and we could take her home. We entered the car and my dad started driving. I was talking about what I just saw. I told them I just knew there was something wrong and I said, "Don't drink the kool-aid, right?". I noticed my dad understood the comment but my mom and Alicia looked confused. I didn't want to explain it because it is a horrible story. I then started talking about The Hindenburg disaster. It took me a while to pronounce it correctly. I told my dad I saw a cool animation about how it went down. I told him it came from Russia. That they were supposed to use helium, but used hydrogen and apparently that's what caused the sudden fire after a spark. I told my dad it was the aircraft that its used in baseball games because he seemed like he didn't know what I was talking about. I said, some people get in there. He understood. We kept driving and some how we ended up in Russia. We were going to vacation. My dad was being a goof and disguised himself as a soldier, but it didn't seem like a Russian soldier, but a Chinese one. Some Russian soldiers stopped him and were going to interrogate him. I asked where they were taking him and thought that maybe my dad was in trouble for goofing around. Later on they let him go and we started walking around Russia. We ended up at a beach. I heard Justin Bieber had gone there before and he had to wear something to cover his head. It was like if someone showed me a video of him and he had a pink and white hijab covering his head. I found it odd. We entered the beach, It was big, there was one side with a beach, then it had a fence in the middle and the other side was like a park with a walking trail and a lake. The sand was white. Then I started looking around and saw everyone in the park was covering their heads with swimming caps. People in the beach but even the ones just visiting the beach needed to have a swimming cap on. I saw a woman running/exercising and even she had a blue swimming cap on. I started wondering why. It didn't make sense and I wondered if it was because they didn't want hair flying around (Now I feel its because swimming caps prevent you from getting your head wet, maybe it means preventing from receiving revelation). I remember my family and I didn't have a cap on, and there was also a man with a brown jacket on, the kind that has wool on the shoulders/neck area. He didn't have a swimming cap on either. We ended up again in the same place where we first got to Russia. I saw soldiers there and they were still working on the investigation. A soldier came next to me and checked my bag. He opened it and started getting my stuff out. I heard him or another soldier say something about how they investigated Hermana Alicia and she said, "They were only giving me a ride". I also saw it in writing on a big yellow ruled notepad as a written statement. I didn't even remember her coming with us. So the soldier saw coins I had in my backpack and they were in a plastic case I recognize I have at home I use to store fold back paper clips. The soldier asked me where I got the coins. I said from Mexico. (I felt I meant I traded money for Russian money in Mexico). He said they were fake. I sense he was trying to rob me. I said, "fake?" And I peeked and noticed there were a few United States quarters and some of another country I didn't recognize, but I clearly saw the quarters said, United States of America and I knew they were real. He confiscated them and put them in a box he owned, he also took a gold ring from the pinky finger of his left hand and placed it inside his box. I woke up.


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