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  2. I just wanted to share something my fiance' came up with. She is a jewelry designer and has a shop with her daughter. They asked if I had an outlet for some of their items and I told them I would share it with everyone here at CF. So I started them an Etsy Shop account to showcase what they have done. And this is the first items! Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much! - Rex

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  1. At some summer camps I used to stop eating meat or mostly stop for about a week. The first few days I felt clean and fine and good, then towards the end I felt out of it, kind of too light and airy or wispy, like as I go longer without meat it warps my mind, my perception (time, space/dimensions, reality in general), and my ability to function. What does the lack of meat like this affect? I'm curious if there is a reason for the changes eating this way causes me.

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    I am not a teacher, just a kid with an overactive and strange mind. My posts are not meant to teach but to be representations of thoughts and my considerations on their truthfulness and applicability.


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  1. makeajoyfulnoise100
    Protein more than likely.
    Also, depends on what you ate all the time during then.
  2. Jesus4Ever
    You are probably missing some nutrients that you used to get while eating meat.
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  3. HereIStand
    If you start a vegan diet longer term, you'll need some protein powder or supplements. Also, check with a doctor first. That is, if you go on it longer than a week or so.
    1. DeerGlow
      I don't plan it, especially anytime soon. I just wondered why it affects me this way even after a few days to a week.