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Valentines Day

  1. Today I was with Caleb. I am blessed to have him in my life. I feel he is a gift from the Lord. In the earlier part of the day, I had a lot of flashbacks to my abuse. I felt that the Enemy was attacking my spirit because of today being a day of Love. I prayed and read the Bible and I could feel the Lord protect me. "No harm will come to you," I could feel him tell my spirit. In the evening I went with Caleb we got Chinese food which we enjoyed a lot. We visited my grandma together and relaxed at home some.
    I am blessed to have Caleb. I am looking forward to becoming his wife.
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  1. Long Island Pilgrim
    Congradulations on finding a Godly spouse to marry!
    May the Father touch you both with a prosperous and joyful life together. :amen:
    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much :) God bless you :)
  2. brinny
    :heart: God bless you and Caleb, and your grandma, and all your family (((hug)))
    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much Brinny :)
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