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Under The Influence

By timothyu · Oct 24, 2019 ·
  1. We often hear of how people have fallen under the influence of others where it seems nothing good can come of it. Lock up your sons and daughters folks.

    At the same time we hear how difficult it can be to 'bring them to the light'. Of how these individuals stubbornly maintain their ways while refusing to move to the side of goodness in the 'spiritual wars' that are raging.

    In case anyone has forgotten, spiritual wars are not 'them against us', but within ourselves; our selfish motives against our selfless ones which of course, end up spreading their effect upon others.

    It seems to me one might ask themselves the spiritual question of how these 'lost' souls are any different than those who stubbornly support the ways of the world or of it's politics, neither of which would have any place in the Kingdom.

    How are those who foolishly hang onto rebellious behaviour any different than those who foolishly back and defend those of mankind in power which itself is rebellious to the will of God. Those of adversarial ways who wouldn't even give their minions the time of day in any other circumstance except for votes and support. Yet these same souls shake their heads at those poor lost others, not realizing they also shake them at their own stubborn foolishness in backing the wrong world.

    © ...timothyu


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