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Two Interesting Occurrences

  1. It’s been awhile since I posted anything, but had two interesting things happen during my prayer time over the last few days that I wanted to write down before I forgot them.

    I (almost) always light candles during my prayer time, and if they go out in the middle of prayer I just leave them dark until I replace them the next day. Yesterday, one of the candles was almost used up, but I thought it would last the prayer session, so I lit it and it stayed lit for about 15 minutes before it went out. This was a memory candle for my relatives in repose. When I reached the point when I was praying for my father, the candle relit and blazed quite brightly for the rest of my prayer time, seemingly on its own. There was likely a spark left in the wick when it went out, but it was interesting at which point in my prayers when it blazed to life again with a strong flame.

    Today, unrelated to candles, I found myself very light of soul and elated while praying the Jesus Prayer, such that I started to laugh a very joyful laugh, though I was able to continue in prayer and it wasn’t too distracting. Such a blessing it was to feel this lightness of soul, and joy, and for which I am grateful.

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