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  1. I am praying for a world without torture. Because I was tortured, it helps me to read torture survivors stories- i realize I am not alone. Many tortures are much worse than mine. It shows me that it was not my fault that I was tortured. I am praying for the day when all torture is ended and Jesus heals all those broken by torture.


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  1. Roseonathorn
    God bless You Luin, but remember that sometimes it is not so smart to put up the story of How one was tortured or mistreated on the internet. Forgiveness is also a key, to be able to go on in life, one can not constantly hold grudges and live in the past. Yes sometimes we need the Lords help to truly forgive, because it can be utterly hard for us when we are deeply hurt. If You choose the Lord, You choose life, forgiveness, joy, light and love and quit walloving in the depth of despair. If someone needs comfort and needs to talk about it, it is another issue, it might need to be talked about sometimes I do understand that, but it might not be good to do it publicly on the internet. 1. Kids read, and get scared. 2. Some things should be kept private, like the greiving process, 3. Sadists read it, we want no more victims.
    God bless You in what You do, maybe a link to an caring website for traumatised victims where one can be personal or private would be better. I do not know really. I have also prayed and thought about this matter, there are not many sites like that up on the net for survivors and needed professional counselling is sometimes too expensive for the time needed. If there were a group for grieving people of any sort in every community, not only for the ones grieving the dead but grieving anything, a group where one could discuss any grief or loss it would be one step in the right direction. People grieve many things, from abortion, rape, torture, loss of parent, loss of limb, loss of familymember, divorce, lost the right to the children, loss of health, etc. I would hope that in that group one would respect each others losses and grieves and respect that one works with ones grieves on whatever scale it is without comparing oneself to the other. One could invite speakers to talk about different subjects and aspects of loss and how to tackle it.
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    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much for these words Roseonathorn. God bless you. hugs.
  2. ImaJesusFreak
    Praying with you. Also praying for you that you continue to grow stronger and find peace.
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    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much :) hugs!
  3. Dave-W
    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you Dave :)
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  4. Dave G.
    I'm praying with you and will enter about this in my journal for today as well.

    And Luin, the Christmas season is flying by !!
    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much for praying for this too :) And yes the Christmas season is flying by! It will be Christmas before we know it!
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    2. Dave G.
      Yes, I need to get in the basement and turn out a Christmas tree ornament on my wood lathe for my wife as a stocking stuffer. She loves ornaments of all types. I turn out all sorts of things on my wood lathe but this will be my first hollow ornament.
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