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Too Adorable

  1. I just wanted to share an adorable story. :)
    My children and I were outside with some neighbors today. One of my neighbors, a little old lady, went inside her apartment and came out with two helium balloons she'd gotten for her birthday. She gave one to my four year old son and the other to the other neighbor's seven year old son, my son's best friend. Well...the poor seven year old-his balloon came untied from his wrist and drifted up and away. The poor dear cried his heart out. He went off inside still in tears.
    Now, my son really loves balloons. I didn't expect the reaction I received. But I bent down and whispered in my son's ear,
    "Wouldn't you like to give your balloon to your friend so he doesn't have to cry?"
    "Yes." He said.
    "Go on then, go ahead, take it to him."
    So he went to the neighbor's open door where his friend was sitting on the foot of the staircase and outstretched his ribbon clad wrist.
    His friend sniffled. "Thank you."
    My son then turned away and said something along the lines of "ill never have another one"
    I told him,
    "Hey, mommy works very close to a store that sells balloons just like that for only one dollar! I can stop there and get you guys both more balloons."
    To this statement my son didn't really react. I suspect he was still processing the fact that he really just handed over his new balloon.
    So we packed up the toys we had brought out to play with and went in. Before we could close the door my son's seven year old friend came in and handed him a toy car.
    "Here." He said and was gone in a flash.
    The whole thing was so sweet I nearly developed diabetes.
    Is does my heart good as a mommy to see my little baby be so kind. He sacrificed something he loves for someone he loves more.
    That's love. Pure selflessness.
    Lord let us all have a little less "self" and a lot more of You and demonstrate Your lovingkindness.


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