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Thoughts On The Book Of Acts - The Awesome Power Of God

  1. 9 - The Awesome Power of God.jpg

    The awesome power of God seems to get overlooked by most people. The miracles performed by Jesus and His apostles are so long ago we tend to discount them as something of the past – something unavailable to us today. While there are some Christian denominations that believe healing powers are still present among believers, I have not seen any documented evidence. Before the New Testament was written, miracles were needed to spread the gospel; but now we have the written doctrine and that is the tool we are to lean on in this present time. Nevertheless, God’s awesome power has not gone away. Miracles of God happen all around us on a daily basis. God is still healing and raising people from the dead but He is doing so on His own terms and at His own personal discretion.

    By following the teaching of Jesus we have the ability to access the awesome power of God. Aside from our love for God, Jesus taught us to share that love with all those around us. Love is the conduit through which God’s power flows.

    Near the end of chapter nine in the Book of Acts, the apostle Peter is called on to rescue a woman named Tabitha from death. You’ll notice Peter goes to his knees to help Tabitha, something Jesus never did when performing miracles. We also have the ability to access the awesome power of God by going to our knees and acting out of sincere love for God. While we may not be able to perform miracles, we are able to make a firm connection to the perfect will of God.

    “Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up.” Acts 9:40 (NIV)

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  1. danielmears
    Do you think we should demand more of our faith? Sometimes folks just say if it is God's will they will live, be healed etc. But at what point should the believer put their faith to work, speaking the word? For if God/Christ are living in us, should we not be bold when asking for supernatural assistance? Perhaps we will simply know when miracles are called for. What do you think? I do agree about the steps to a deeper spirituality or realizing the oneness Christ prayed about in Matt. 17:20-25 I believe my father's illumination was because he was simply doing as Jesus said, loving purely.
    1. maintenance man
      Without question all believers have more power than they are accessing. That may be because we are not fully committed to our faith or it could be God has for whatever reason not allowed the full measure of power to flow through us. I also believe we need to acknowledge that we have an enemy who is all about distraction and lies and he is very good at keeping us going in all the wrong directions.
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  2. danielmears
    So, it seems there is a, form of godliness but a lack of power within what is currently seen as truth. Perception is a person's reality even when it lacks truth, some folks believe that miracles were as you said to, spread the gospel, to lend credibility for without power the gospel would be lacking. The good news is the power of God is still with us but miracles are explained away, folks are skeptics who want proof. I know God is still very much active and wrote about an event I witnessed on my blog and in my book, The Realm, so after my passing it would be documented. Below is the link. It is all about the love as you mentioned.. Commentary on “The Light” – The Realm by Daniel Mears
    1. maintenance man
      That's an amazing story, Daniel. Thanks for sharing!