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Thoughts Constructed With Sin Are Totally Insane

  1. There's this place inside me where God is re-writing my thoughts, the swirling maelstrom of blackness around the long run-on sentence that God is writing in His own language seems to be a medley of off colour jokes based on how hateful the world can be.
    a medley of how everyone deserves what they get . but it's disassociated so it's like watching a show that is a mix between mad tv and the twilight zone with a wild card element that is neither.

    Usually when I'm around more people in the body this element magnifies, it becomes overwhelming, so I just withdraw so as to not become a Hosea prophecy of their sin. But this time is different, and there is hope. There's still a while before I'm close to my limit. I will keep praying over this, whatever it is. If at any time, I discern that time is coming, I will withdraw in interest of mutual edification.


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