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The Sower

By Swan7 · Jul 31, 2020 ·

  1. Jesus Christ sat on a boat on the water because of the great crowd and there He told them parables. This crowd in particular are outside of God, which is why He told them parables and so they having eyes may not see and those having ears may not understand. Until they turn to God for repentance then they would understand, as prophesied in Issiah.

    Beside the Path
    Devil, the prowling lion, devours the Seed from their heart so they do not believe and be saved.

    On the Rock
    Received the Seed with joy when heard, but do not have enough root. These believe for a short period and when time comes for testing, they fall away. Among many there will be a Great Falling Away.

    Thorn Plants
    These are choked by life’s worries and cares of this world, and do not bear fruit to maturity.

    Good Soil
    Hold fast to the Seed after receiving it. With a noble and good heart, these bear fruit with patient endurance.

    The heart I had while growing up went along in this order, from beside the path to the good soil; and yet God still guided me to a point in my life where I needed to be in order for me to fully turn to Him. In the end, it was my decision to repent or not. Rather than losing my life by my own hand, I asked God (after repentance) what His Truth was and Who He really is. It was then after I died to myself that God showed me His wisdom and life since has never been the same. Just how it is written that people must turn to God in repentance is it then that He shows His Kingdom to those who listen to His Voice.

    Throughout the bible it is shown and said many times that God is concerned about the heart of mankind. The Sower, Father God, sown His Seed, the Word made manifest - Jesus Christ - in the midst of mankind, so that His blood could cleanse the world of sin and death - and it is so for whoever believes in Him. How noble a loving sacrifice this is when we simply do not deserve it. Thank You God for Righteous Judgments and Your Loving Kindness! :yellowheart:


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