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The Secular Religion

  1. Christianity was never meant to exude unity, for the truth behind Christianity lies in the very lack of said unity within the religion. God gave over the teachings of Jesus to those gentiles who were well known for (and who still practice) self-glorification, which of course in itself leads to a complete lack of unity. Thus the truth of the teachings and scripture about unity that is in the charge of these gentiles, stands out in contrast to who they themselves are. Hypocrisy serves God's purpose, at least to those who see it, rather than defend it.

    It is interesting how people will complain about the efforts Christianity has made to indoctrinate others in the world, others whom as a result have turned out to be a rather civilized and educated segment of that world. Yet no one complains about the indoctrination that is taking place in the world today on a secular level. Indoctrination to bring in a new age of domination and control over people never before seen on a global scale.

    Perhaps the fact that the secular world seems to be accomplishing world domination where the church could not, is seen as a point of pride and vanity to those who resent the church. Man finally wins out over religion, ironically not even noticing we have a new god and master, and unlike Christianity, where free will will not be condoned.

    © ...timothyu


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  1. danbuter
    It's scary what's coming. I'm really glad I'm not some kid who will have to see the absolute worst in their lifetime.
      timothyu likes this.
  2. timothyu
    Perhaps you misread?
  3. J.P. Zaleta
    Could you summarize, for me, the point this blog is making?

    I am new to CF, definitely no expert on writing...I think if you start the entry with a question, then answer. I think it would be easier, at least for me, to understand what point you are bringing to our attention.

    For example: Was christianity ever meant to exclude unity? No

    Just a thought.
    God bless
    1. danbuter
      I think he's mainly talking about how secularism is taking over, especially in the West. Big government leads to death camps, every single time in modern history. Everything is getting paved for the eventual world government.
    2. J.P. Zaleta
      Hi, danbuter
      Thanks for leaving for making a comment. Aren't we all seeking a world government with Jesus as our ruler. Wouldn't it be the biggest government ever?