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The Prayers Of Paul - A Summary Of All Articles

  1. •Every exploit on the field is first birth on the knees - Read full here THE PRAYERS OF PAUL

    •Victory without ceasing is triggered by prayer without ceasing Read full here PAUL'S HABIT OF PRAYER

    •Prayer should not be needs driven but fellowship driven, for prayer is fellowship, friendship, partnership and companionship with the Godhead!

    •Prayer ought to be lifestyle, not a life jacket!
    Read full message here WHAT MOVED PAUL TO PRAY(2)

    •Paul was a genuine thanksgiver, an addicted thanksgiver, and a ceaseless 'thanksgiver. We see all of these in his epistles. The reason why this is important for Paul, for you and for me is that without gratitude we have no audience with the father! - Read full message here PAUL: THE ADDICTED THANKS GIVER

    •Prayer is spiritual labor and many of us are too lazy to make that spiritual input that will change our spiritual status! Read full message here PRAYER: AN ACT OF SPIRITUAL LABOUR

    •Through intercession we facilitate divine interventions - Read full message here 'ALWAYS MAKING MENTION OF YOU'

    •You can pray in tongues while driving, reading, waiting on a queue, taking a walk, practically while doing any other thing that does not involve the use of your mouth for each time you pray in the spirit, your mind is not the one praying but your spirit. - Read full message here 'I PRAY IN TONGUES...'

    •The victory of the modern church will come when its focus shift from self to God! The power will come when its no longer about us but all about Him! - read full message here WHAT PAUL PRAYED FOR: A PROPHETIC PARABLE AND PATTERN FOR THE CHURCH

    •Without the Spirit of God we don't have access to the mysteries of God! - Read full message here

    •The mysteries of God are not hidden from us they are hidden for us, mysteries are not meant to kept from us they are kept for us! - read full message here WHAT PAUL PRAYED FOR: INCREASED KNOWLEDGE 2

    •Godliness will bring us into a deeper relationship with the Lord, for whoever must come to His Holy temple must be with clean hands and clean heart. Read full message here WHAT PAUL PRAYED FOR: GODLY LIVING

    •Exploit is both a function of sense and strength - read full message here WHAT PAUL PRAYED FOR: STRENGHTH

    •The prayer for grace reveals the fullness of God made available to mankind! And this is what we tap into each time we 'share the grace'. - read full message here http://www.powertalk.com.ng/2018/06/06/what-paul-prayed-for-grace/

    •Love and unity will bring the church into the fullness of God and the highest manifestation and experience of his power and glory on the earth. - Read full message here http://www.powertalk.com.ng/2018/06/09/what-paul-prayed-for-abundant-love-and-unity/

    About Author

    Peter Adeshina Babalola
    PETER ADESHINA BABALOLA(PAB) is a lover of God and a teacher of His word.
    His 20 years in ministry has seen him served as a pastor in major ministries in
    Nigeria where he planted and pastored many churches across the nation.
    From Port Harcourt to Uyo to Akure to Lagos, PAB has been privileged to affect lives through the preaching and teaching of the word.
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