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The Post-modern Christian

  1. It’s easy to be post-modern, because every generation has thought of itself as being ahead of the curve, attempting to sweep the deck clear and commencing a new, ideological Babel. But, faith in Messiah is the unsought glue of community planners, evidence of the un-non-god of atheists, the strong arm eluding paranoid dictators, the music of utopia sought by Amadeus-straining composers, and the irrefutable wisdom coveted by political and media talking heads. Therefore, believers can be relevant without conforming, compassionate beyond the parameters of group think, believing while taking full responsibility for their human gifts, contributors to government and culture by pointing to standards first and acting next, while converging in the Church’s praise of God, a movement beautiful in its expression of the revealed mystery, “Christ in [us] the hope of glory”. Being “post-modern” is living effectively in and for Christ, in the Age as it is now.


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