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The New World Order.

By Norman70 · Aug 26, 2020 · ·
  1. A New World Order / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith
    I have just watched one of Professor Veith's lectures on the conspiracy theories attached to a New World Order, and I am going to blog about my Christian anarchist response. To begin I felt that watching it was a complete waste of my time, not that I was disagreeing with what he was saying, but the fact that he appears to have no suggestions as to what we should all be doing about it. I guess he is also getting well paid for his presentations. As an anarchist I would be tempted to support a revolution, inevitably a violent one as that, in this world, would be the only way to respond to these criminals, but as a Christian violence is out.
    Quite simply the matter is in God's hands, and I will put up with any infringements on my liberty, turn the other cheek, and offer my shirt if they try to take my coat. I would also be a martyr.


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  1. Richard T
    Thanks for sharing. I watched a few minutes of the video, the purpose was to expose, not offer any solutions. It also was copyrighted nearly 20 years ago, so I give the professor some credit for trying to warn us earlier than most. Since the bible says there are many anti-christs, I too think that resistance is appropriate. However, we do know that if this is near the tribulation period, the world government, will at some point take over.
    So back to the question, what can we do about the NWO or some global government? The answer is we need to downplay globalization in schools and government. We can do this legitimately by pointing out the true costs of such activities. If anything, the pandemic has shown us why globalism is overrated. Millions of Chinese coming from the Wuhan area flew into nations around the world, some spreading COVID.
    Of course, the naysayers believe it would have spread anyway, and that is true, but more time between the outbreak in China and the rest of the world would have prepared us more for PPE and better ways to fight it. The point is that our educational and media system is wrong on globalization, it is a curse, not a cure.
    Along with a disinformation and media blitz favoring globalization, have been U.S. government leaders who all have been globalists from Nixon until Trump. All expanded borders, increased immigration, made global deals to water down America. Thus, elections have consequences. So we can better warn of the dangers, and elect better officials that understand what globalization is all about. Concrete alternatives could include better incentives to produce in America, higher taxes for companies outsourcing. Staying out the the U.N. or other global agreements will go along way to stop the nonsense as well.
    1. Norman70
      Very interesting. You mention schools, and I was very optimistic in 1966 as an NQT that I could help to bring about change. That lasted 10 years then pessimism set into my 40 year career. Governments? My anarchist slogan is that whoever we vote for the government always gets in!