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The End Times - The Tribulation Calculations: The Date Of The Temple Sacrifices.

By Marilyn C, Dec 7, 2017 | |
  1. The Temple Sacrifices - Cheshvan 4th (Oct. 22nd 2020)

    The month of Cheshvan is the only month that does not have a holiday but is reserved for the time of the Messiah to inaugurate the third temple. This will be appropriate for Israel to prepare by starting their sacrifices.

    The Temple sacrifices will start, I believe on Thursday October the 22nd 2020. (Cheshvan 4)

    This will be after the 7 months of burying the dead armies of the Russian Federation. The land must be cleansed before any sacrifices can start. And they will start them before the Sabbath.



    From Adar 20 to Cheshvan 3 there are 7 months and 10 days, (220 days)

    Adar 20th to 29th day = 10 days
    Nissan 30 days
    Iyar 29 days
    Sivan 30 days
    Tammuz 29 days
    Av 30 days
    Elul 29 days
    Tishrei 30 days
    Cheshvan 3 (day before the temple sacrifices)

    Then from Chesvan 4 (2020) the Temple sacrifices
    to Shevat 30 ( 2027) the Temple Cleansing
    there are 2,300 days.

    Altogether, 220 days + 2,300 days = 2,520 days, 7 years.


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