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The End Times: The Russian War - Overview

  1. THE RUSSIAN WAR - Overview


    God is dealing with nations, bringing them together so that their evil motives can be seen and judged.

    The first nation on God`s agenda is Russia, its Federation and the three nations that join it. They have in modern times, continually sought to annihilate God`s nation of Israel. Thus they will be dealt with by God, exposed for their evil intent and then judged.

    The world can only look on awe-struck.

    So let`s look at -

    • Russia from the Soviet era to its Federation.

    • The planned invasion of Israel that gets thwarted.

    • How God brings the Russian Federation down towards Israel and who are the three nations that join them.

    • The actual war and how God judges them.
    • And then the aftermath, for Israel and the Nations.


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  1. Tolworth John
    I'm always amased at how often people say they know what God's plan is for a part of the world, a people group, town, church or a person and how often they get it wrong.

    What is God's will for not the nations, but for the people of the world?
    That they should repent and acept Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
    That is all he has told us.
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    2. Tolworth John
      Yes Marilyn,
      God is soverign he has his plans for how he wil deal with the people who form nationsd and governments.

      One significant point. The NT deals with people, not kingdoms, that is why I find announcements about God dealing with this or that government laughable.
    3. Marilyn C
      Hi Tolworth,

      I think you must have missed my NT scripture - Luke 21: 24 the times of the Gentiles. Also Rev. reveals God`s judgment upon many nations.
      In Ps. 110 :1 we read of God the Father speaking to His Son, saying, " Sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool.` and
      `Why do the nations rage ....I will give you the nations for your inheritance.` (Ps. 2: 1 & 8)

      They all carry over into our time.
    4. Marilyn C
      And Btw you may want to read what I actually write instead of assuming it is another ....whatever.

      regards, Marilyn.