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Testimony Time II

By Lightbearer3 · May 21, 2008 ·
  1. were the same! God is so amazing!
    9. I was constantly be challenged on my salvation. A sure clue you are saved is when the enemy pounds your thoughts with questioning your salvation. I finally won this battle in time. Another one the enemy used to tell me was that I had blasphemed the Holy Ghost. This is a common trick he uses on many believers. He tormented me with this for a good while until one day as I washed the dishes, He said: Remember when you said this to brother Charles? You blasphemed the Holy Ghost! Then it was so clear to me, in a moment I knew it was the enemy. I responded: I know that you are a liar, because if I had blasphemed the Holy Ghost you would not be here to torment me, because it is an unforgivable sin and I would already be yours and the battle would be over, now in the name of Jesus, leave me and never come back again! He didn’t either, not even once to accuse me again.
    10. Once I had ask God for a van. I ask God for a van that was dark green, with windows all the way around and low payments. My mother was alive at that time and we were going somewhere that day. When we got to a certain intersection on Underwood, I turned left instead of right and my mother ask me where I was going. I said God just told me to go look for the van I prayed for. I drove down Cleveland Highway and looked on all the lots, up on a hill was the very van I had prayed for. My mother said, God’s not going to help you get a van, I said: Yes He is. I went to the owner of the car lot and ask how much it was and got the information I needed to give the bank for a loan. The next day mother was with me again. She said where are we going? I said, to the bank in Chatsworth to get a loan on the van. She said: They are not going to give you a loan for that van, you don’t have any collateral. I said: Yes they will. I went into the bank and on my signature alone they gave me the money for the van, I bought it the same day. It was dark green with windows all the way around and the payments were approx. $80.00 per month, just as I had ask God for.
    11. During Christmas season one year I ask God for a gold cross pendant with a vine going up the cross, my son Chris gave me that exact pendant a few days before Christmas.
    12. Our stove had tore up and I had prayed and told God that I would take any stove He sent, but I would really like an almond colored stove with a black glass door and a self-cleaning oven. It was delivered to me by two sisters from the church I attended at the time. It was exactly what I had ask for, an almond colored stove with a black glass door and a self-cleaning oven. It had been given to a couple for their house when they got married and they didn’t need it. The young man that sent it to me told me that God spoke to him to give the stove to me. He knew nothing of my request to God for that exact stove! This is a miracle in itself, the man and his girlfriend had received it good while before I prayed and ask God for it.
    13. Once my son Shane had been accused of defacing a mobile home in our area. Our landlord came to inform me that he had eyewitnesses that both heard girls calling Shane’s name and saw a blond headed boy running from the vacant home. He told me that I was responsible for the damages and told me I was to clean up the mess the culprits had made. I had awoke several times during the night and had checked on the children. Shane was fast asleep all through the night on the couch, so I knew it was not my son who had done the damage. I told him that Shane was not guilty, but that God said for us to be peacemakers and that I would pay for the damages but would not clean up the mess because I did not want my fingerprints inside the home. I had perfect peace, I felt God’s presence assuring me that He would take care of it all. A few days later I was at a store and my landlord came up to me appearing quite shaken. With nervousness in his voice he told me that he was sorry that he had accused my son and that the people who had done the damage had confessed. The Bible says when our ways please the Lord, He will make even our enemies be at peace with us.
    14. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them out of them all. Psalms 34. We had a neighbor named Mr. Ware. He was a angry man who was constantly starting trouble with children in our neighborhood. He once hit a young man over the head with a steel milk crate for asking if his son could play basket ball with him and some other boys. My children ran home to tell me that Mr. Ware had called the law and wanted me to go to see if I could vouch for the young man’s character and let the policeman know how Mr. Ware was always starting up trouble. Because my boys were present at the time Mr. Ware had hit the young man I thought I might better go to keep him from accusing my boys of wrong doing. When I had got there the policeman had already arrived and was listening to both sides. Mr. Ware then started to say ugly things to me also, things that did not even pertain to the situation. In the end he said he was going to file suit against both the young man and me. A few days later I received a letter telling me I should be in court on a certain day. I just lifted it up as I prayed: Lord you know we have done nothing wrong, I can’t afford to miss a day’s work because of this man, Lord you take care of this. Then I posted it on my cork board and didn’t think of it further. In a few weeks I got word that Mr. Ware had been thrown out of court, the judge told him that he had never heard such a crazy story and to never come back in his court room again. I was never contacted about missing court either.
    15. My daughter came home from school one day crying. What’s wrong Kim, I asked. Everyone in my room received an award today except me, she said. We will pray about it, I said. When Kim was in bed that night I came in and knelt beside her bed and prayed: Father God please let Kim know you care for her by answering this prayer, Give her an award also at school. The next afternoon she came in with a writing award, with a big smile on her little face.
    34. I watched a movie of a young couple who in the last scenes were married and the handsome young fellow carried his beautiful bride in her flowing gown over the threshold of their first home. Ahhh, I said out loud, to be loved in such a way would be wonderful! Just the thought of it made me smile. I went to church and the pastor told me: Jesus says He will carry you as a bride over the threshold! Amazing! I believe Jesus was saying He would carry me over the threshold of Heaven, my new home with Him.
    35. God once said to me: As a couple takes a vow in marriage; so I vow to love you. As you pledge to your country’s flag, so I pledge to love you; As you take an oath in court to tell the truth; so I oath to love you. Lord, what precious and beautiful words of love, thank you.
    Many more things God as said and done for me. Make sure you share the great things and the small things God does for you. It will remind you and others that He is faithful in times of trial. If you have to write them down and post them, then read them when you need to be encouraged. Some day I hope to read/hear/see what great things God has done in my children’s lives also.
    36. I was at work a couple of weeks after I had received salvation and was walking to the back of the machine where the creel was. I heard a host of voices like a choir singing above me. It was very loud. No one that I saw had heard it and no one was looking up as I was. I feel this was God’s angels rejoicing over my salvation.
    37. After my marriage to Robby failed, I began to fast and seek God. I randomly opened my Bible to Isaiah 54:5; the words lifted off the page as I read them: FOR YOUR MAKER IS YOUR HUSBAND, THE LORD OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME.
    38. The Spirit of God spoke to me at the little white house where there was a small pond on the property. I was having a mind battle at the time. He said: Whatever is lovely, pure and honest, think on these things. I needed to renew my mind with the word of God. I needed to focus on God’s word to set my mind right.
    39. I was in my bedroom in my apartment praying for my children. It was a custom for me to pray a certain prayer for each one of them. Part of this prayer was asking God to cause them to call upon His name for His word says: Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. When I came to Kim’s name I felt the Holy Ghost “grab” my prayer. I knew God was about to do something in Kim’s life. Within a couple of days Kim called me and told me that God had told her to get up and go down to the service in the facility where she was at. The third time He spoke she obeyed. She said at the end of the service they had an altar call and she went up. She says all she remembers is yelling out the name of Jesus and crying. My daughter had a close encounter of the God kind that night.


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