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Tell Me To Wash

  1. After reading Revelation 22:14-16 (TPT): Bible Gateway passage: Revelation 22:14-16 - The Passion Translation

    Telling me to wash my garments [1]
    for soul preservation
    is like the, “Men, love your wives”, [2]
    there is no better arrangement
    to ensure the mind, body and soul
    consider the “better half” and Jesus my Lord.

    Too long in this walk
    Father, You return me to this,
    to love You in everything,
    with all the fiber of my being,
    and lest I assume this gives me an out,
    You’re ahead of me with “Love your neighbor” [3]
    (and kin to a fault) . . . [4]

    . . . the love kind of way,
    till garments almost wear out,
    not out of neglect,
    just that we forget about self
    and put others first,
    One to worship—others, for care.
    Oh Jesus, keep teaching us
    to wash and love here.
    [1] James 4:8
    [2] Ephesians 5:22-33
    [3] Mark 12:30-31
    [4] Mark 7:9-13 (TPT) Bible Gateway passage: Mark 7:9-13 - The Passion Translation and 1 Timothy 5:8 (TPT) Bible Gateway passage: 1 Timothy 5:8 - The Passion Translation
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