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Table For Matthew & Luke's Geneaology Of Christ

By Humble Penny · Jul 19, 2021 · ·
  1. Before ending my night I thought I should also include a final visual aid for the numbers I ran in my blog post Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (5017-5500 Anno Mundi - Babylon To Cyrus; Cyrus To Christ) which mentions the Olympiads and the A.U.C. (Ab Urbe Condita "From the Building of the City") Years and how they connect to proving that Christ died at 30 AD/5500AM. And because this is another large chart I couldn't get a nice screenshot...so...you guys will have to download the .pdf file and zoom in to see it clearly.

    Attached Files:


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  1. Humble Penny
    Updated the chart and added six new columns:

    1) Anno Graecorum ("Year of the Greeks")
    2) Greek King
    3) Medo-Persian King
    4) Babylonian King
    5) Giant Statue
    6) Four Beasts

    These changes give a fuller picture of the events in the Bible which help fill in the blanks from Malachi, who most likely prophesied during 1st Year of Cyrus the Great and days of Ezra & Nehemiah, to the death of Christ Jesus on the cross. All the columns in the chart help us validate and cross check the 69 Weeks/483 Years from the decree of Cyrus to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem to Jesus's crucifixion.
  2. Humble Penny
    For those who might be confused on how to calculate the Olympiads remember:

    1 Olympiad = 4 Years

    ...so when you want to check the numbers in the Olympiad column multiply it by 4 Years and add it to 4692 AM...

    Christ's Birth
    194.5 Olympiads × 4 Years = 778 Years
    4692 AM + 778 Years = 5470 AM

    As a result the product of the Olympiads will always be 28 Years greater than the years in Ab Urbe Condita column as Rome was built in the 7th Olympiad and not the 1st Olympiad.
  3. Humble Penny
    Good morning all, I just made some minor corrections on my table as I was reviewing my work. For those who downloaded the previous .pdf file will see that I placed the birth of Christ in the 184th Olympiad when Augustus Caesar began to rule which would make His birth A.U.C. 708 i.e. 708 Years From the Building of the City; and, I listed His crucifixion as A.U.C. 808 i.e. 808 Years From the Building of the City

    I corrected these three errors as Rome was founded in the 7th Olympiad and not the 1st Olympiad. Therefore the birth of Christ fell in the 194.5th Olympiad or the 2nd Year of the 195th Olympiad which is A.U.C. 750 i.e. 750 Years From the Building of the City; and, His crucifixion occured in the 202nd Olympiad A.U.C. 780 i.e. 780 Years From the Building of the City.

    So, the file you see now has replaced the previous one I uploaded last night.