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Suppressing Free Thinking

By timothyu · Apr 16, 2019 · Updated Apr 16, 2019 ·
  1. Christian traditions are often defended as keeping Christianity alive and carrying it on until this day. The problem is that the wrong message is often being promoted as God knew it would be, a confusion when human tradition is mixed with Christian tradition.

    Man being man, maintains worldly tradition while most often ignoring the commandments of Jesus. The two ways after all, are opposite in nature. However the real message that Jesus spoke is maintained within this system of man, this religion that God was well aware we would create in our own image and though the blind may lead the blind, some actually do see the light that the religion has hidden under the bushel. Christian tradition adhered to the tradition of man in itself is no substitute for the will of God nor can His truth remain hidden.

    Although God's light within is within all of us, many flesh minded disagree and assume that their human light within must be passed on to others who have not yet discovered their own. This, rather than awakening what is hidden under a bushel in others. The result of passing on their own becomes creating others in one's own image. The result is blind leading blind with false light, then these seeking out like minded or safety in numbers as they carry on the tradition. And so the conflicts grow. All this, rather than simply encouraging the one true light of God to shine in each in their own individual way.

    However, if others are allowed to find their own light in man's system, then the problem to man also arises of how will others use that light? Will it conflict with established human light and the struggle for supremacy begins? After all, that was the very reason God expelled us from the Garden in the first place, as we began to self discern right and wrong according to our own will in conflict with His. It seems to me that His light was not ours to tamper with in the first place. The light of our traditions is not the same.

    © ...timothyu


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