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Spiritual Understanding


    In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem(Daniel 9:2)

    Without Daniel's understanding of the number of years Israel was to spend in captivity and his consequent intercession in that respect, Israels time in captivity would have been much prolonged like earlier in Egypt where they spend 30 additional years in captivity!

    Ignorance prolongs spiritual bondage and captivity to the devil! It is only the light of God's word that brings us into the limelight of life! It is only spiritual understanding that ends our spiritual captivity!

    Through books, we come to a spiritual understanding and through spiritual understanding our lives become outstanding!

    There is no outstanding individual in any facet of human endeavor who hasn't built an outstanding library. Libraries in homes are a rarity in this part of the world. This we need to work on as a people.

    The advent of ebooks has made it more than easier to build an e-library on your phone and read as you go since most adults spend more waking hours on their phone than on any other thing. Free eBooks more than ever are even available making it easier to improve our reading culture! Still, there are people who haven't taken advantage to improve on their all round developments. Even with the millions of free downloads available, yet many have no traceable 'e-Libraries' on their phones through the same cannot be said of selfie galleries, this abounds both in volumes and quality!

    One more thing happened to Daniel through reading books: he became aware of what God has provided. The more we gain spiritual understanding through books the more we become aware of the spiritual provisions that have been available to us!

    Gain more spiritual understanding of what the supply of God's Spirit can do in your life, download the KEYS TO POWER devotional ebook here: bit.ly/powerdevotional


    About Author

    Peter Adeshina Babalola
    PETER ADESHINA BABALOLA(PAB) is a lover of God and a teacher of His word.
    His 20 years in ministry has seen him served as a pastor in major ministries in
    Nigeria where he planted and pastored many churches across the nation.
    From Port Harcourt to Uyo to Akure to Lagos, PAB has been privileged to affect lives through the preaching and teaching of the word.


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